Outdoor Pillows

* Both images from Pottery Barn 

Morning y'all! So we found some outdoor patio furniture.  No, not the ones above.  We're saving the outdoor sofa action for when we put in a deck or patio.  But I like the images above and wouldn't even mind having an outdoor room straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog if they looked like the ones above - don't judge.  Anyway, for real life budget reasons I can't get the $1,000 chaise lounges I've been admiring (I mean, I guess I could if I agreed not to have anymore children, but Edward's so cute I'm pretty sure I want some more).

So we are getting a couple of these guys for poolside loungin':

I like the swirly arms and the fact that they're wrought iron and require little maintenance.  I don't like the beigeness of the cushion.  However, I'll keep them for this summer and maybe recover them next summer in something awesome and fun like one of these:

I'm glad I have awhile to decide.  Anyway, back to the beige cushion.  I want to add an outdoor pillow so it's a little dressed up.  These are the options I'm considering: 

All three look good with my family room, which is important because I will see them out of the corner of my eye as I sit on my sofa watching Oprah's Lifeclass.  So which do I choose - Mosaic, Stripes or Floral? Do y'all have any other suggestions?  I'm leaning toward one of them.  Can you guess which one?  


  1. Sorry, I stopped paying attention to everything after that gorgeous palm leaf fabric. LOVE it! As for the pillows, I vote for the stripeys.

  2. I love the floral but the top image in the same tones of the main cushion appeals to my sense of order. I like the wrought iron lounge, it's simple and looks comfy.

  3. All lovely but that first one is really beautiful. Looks really expensive, love the pattern and the colors, but you can't go wrong. Look foward to seeing what you choose!

  4. Oh- What a fun decision to have to make. I don't mind the neutral cushions at all. You can really dress them up with great pillows. I love the outdoor furniture, too. xo Diana

  5. I love the first one, in any of the colors! LOVE it!

  6. I love the first!! Where are your chaise lounges from? They look perfect!!

  7. Okay, this is something that I have never really understood; Outdoor pillows. Don't get me wrong I love their appearance and what they do for the space, but there is no practicality in using outdoor pillows. Am I missing something or does everyone have time to wash the outdoor pillows so your guests arent sitting on an outdoor air filter filled with dust and dirt? Then when it rains we have a great wet sponge that renders the chairs useless. If that's not the case then maybe taking them in and out of the house (or storage) is more fun? I can understand using them under a covered outdoor space, but maintenance is always an issue no matter if they are made for outdoors. What about using furnishing made of natural materials that do not require constant work to keep them usable?

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