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Thank y'all so much for sharing in my excitement over the new house, and for all of the advice as I confront the daunting task of selling our house.  We still have some things to do before we put it on the market, like finishing the paint job we started in the dining room, so I have some time to get things in order.  Remember when I posted about The Big Clean awhile back?  Well, I actually got some things checked off of the list so I'll include that at the end of this post as well as add some more to the list.  My goal is to cross one item off of the list every two days.  I'm also going to try to find out as much as I can to help me prepare for this move and compile a nice little checklist for others to use - filed under The Big Move.  

But first, I want to share some more of my Master Bedroom Inspiration.  I hear ya on the pink.  I'm starting to rethink it.  I may just go with good ole Benjamin Moore Linen White.  But I will use pink somewhere, mark my words! (aside: the other night I had a dream about a little girl, I used to dream about Edward before I had him, so if I do indeed have a little girl whenever I get pregnant next we can just go ahead and call it on my psychic abilities - see here for the original discussion (scroll to number 7)). 

Benjamin Moore Linen White

Love this fresh and clean this bedroom.  I would probably have more color, but I love the overall feel of the room. 

Love This Life 
 Cozy.  Love the drapes, the wall sconces with pleated lampshades, gold accents.
via {this is glamorous}

Pretty pink palette & mirrored dresser
via Splendid Sass
 Love the neutral pale colors of this bedroom by Phoebe Howard.
Phoebe Howard
 Our bedroom is not small, but I love the coziness of this little bedroom nook and the striped rug.
via Apartment Therapy
 Love this bedroom.  A lot.
Michael Smith

Another gorgeous glowy white bedroom.
via Houzz
Sconces, tufted white headboard, gorgeous monogram, chair picture & ironic bedside book.
via Lonny

Just so pretty.
Jim Howard

Oy! Well, we know I like white!

The Big Clean Checklist 

Laundry Room Cabinets 
Utensil Drawer 
Junk Drawers 
TV Shelves 
Under the Sink 
Spice Cupboard 
China Closet 
Guest Bedroom Closet 
Playroom Closet 
Coat Closet 
Linen Closet 
My Closet 
Edward's Closet 
My Nightstand 
My General Side of the Bed Area 
Make-Up Bag 
Master Bath Drawers 
My Dresser Drawers 
Den Bookshelves 
Edward's Cabinet in the Kitchen 
Edward's Dresser 
Edward's Changing Table 
Bed in Edward's Room 
Clean off countertops & surfaces (pack tchotchkes) 


  1. I will continue to root for pink walls. Mainly because my single-gal bedroom was painted Benjamin Moore "Love and Happiness" {also found on House Beautiful's paint color description} and I miss it terribly.

    Love all of the lovely white room inspiration though!

  2. Dude I do the same exact big clean list every summer! It is literally my all-time favorite thing to do!! When all 3 of my kids used to go to camp, I'd go at it for 2 weeks straight.. they'd come home to the most organized cabinets and drawers.. of course they didn't notice!
    Now, they are home for summers.. ugh! I have to get my cleaning done while they are away at school!
    Love your bedroom inspiration photos also..

  3. Like the photos from Spendid Sas and Phoebe Howard. Love the colors in both of those rooms with hints of pink. I also enjoy the soft touch of blue in the pillows and on the bench in Phoebe Howards room. - Tonya

  4. Now you are talking my language! Linen White...holla! (my son would DIE)! Anywho....linen white and I have a long hstory together, its just a gorgeous safe creamy white that works with us about everything. I say you can play it safe and as you start to decorate, the you can start experimenting in small doses. Just my 2 cents!
    Don't even talk to me about the big cleanup..I still have such a long way too go. Very long. Oh day at a time, keep the gorgeous inspiration coming:)

  5. I have used Linen White for years and always been pleased with how well it blends with everything. I love all the images you have found and posted here. Paint color is always the hardest part for me- xo Diana


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