Moodboard Monday: Good News!

Morning! I'm so excited to finally share my news with y'all! Some of my long time readers may remember a post I did over a year ago where I posted a picture of a house in my neighborhood that I loved.  Like a stalker, I would organize my regular walking routes so that I happened to walk past it.

I posted about this house and the striped awnings February 2011

Well, through a series of small miracles, come September it will be our new home!!!! I can hardly believe it.  It looks a bit different now as the current owners have updated it quite a bit over the past year, but the awnings are still in tact.  It is literally the perfect house for us.  The current owners have kept it in pristine condition so there isn't a whole lot to be done once we move in - just enough projects to keep me satisfied creatively.  I mean, most of the house is even in my colors (I noticed the current owner even collects blue and white).  It was pure kismet.  

A Masculine Pink Bedroom from Lonny
One of those projects will be painting the master bedroom.  I'm campaigning for pink, sort of like in the bedroom above, but more glowy. We'll see if Kip goes for it.  He's hesitant, but also knows I'm like a relentless dog with a bone when I get stuck on an idea.  Designer Charlotte Moss has a theory that men want to feel they are invited into their wives bedrooms, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case with Kip.  The main reason I opted for pink over finding the perfect greenishbluishgray (my other favorite color) is that the sitting area off of the master bedroom is covered in a deep navy blue wallpaper that will stay for awhile.  So the bedroom will likely either be pink or white.  

Gorgeous Glowy Pink from House Beautiful

I happen to think pink will be very romantic.  Here are the three things I'm eyeing for our new master bedroom: 

I love how New Orleans Designer Ann Dupuy described the Pink Ground for House Beautiful: 

"This is a very serene pink, the color of an old French rose called Cuisse de Nymphe, which translates as the thigh of a nymph. So charming. And everybody looks good against pink — that's why men wear pink shirts."
(confession: I love reading paint color descriptions.  It's like romantic poetry to me) 

And here's my working inspiration board: 

So that's what's going on in my brain right now.  Don't worry blue and white lovers, there will be plenty of blue and white in the rest of the house! 

Blog business will be pretty normal over the next few months since our closing date is so far away. I'm excited to share more inspiration with you.  I started a pin board called Christmas House (for reasons I'll explain later) if you want to follow along on Pinterest. We'll be spending the next few days getting ready to put our house on the market.  I'm nervous about keeping the house in good enough order to show it.*

Ok, this has been a super long post.  I'm just so excited to be in the home where we will raise our children.  We've had so much fun fixing up our current home, but we've taken it about as far as we want to and we're ready to pass it on to someone who can enjoy the fruits of our labor! 

Have a lovely day!

*I'd REALLY appreciate any tips y'all have for showing your house!! I've never done this before so it's uncharted territory.  My mother-in-law had a genius idea to keep a laundry basket handy in which to throw loose items to take with you in your car when the realtor calls.  I need genius tips like that.  


  1. Wow, congrats!! That is SO SO amazing :)

  2. Oh Jennifer - your new house looks spectacular! You made me smile though, when you mentioned 'stalking' your house before you knew that you were going to buy it! I have 'stalked' my last two houses, before realising that they would eventually become my home - so I totally understand where you are coming from - it's 'creative visualisation' in the most extreme I think!
    Paula x

  3. How exciting! Your new home is gorgeous! I too am in the process f selling my current home & purchasing my forever doesn't get any better than that. I will be looking forward to reading (& seeing) all about it! Please stop by my blog and check mine out as well! I wish you lots of luck & blessings in your new adventure

  4. OMG Jennifer, this is huge news! CONGRATULTIONS!! I didnt' even know you were looking to move, what a beautiful home. I can see you raising your family in it, it is stunning and so "you"!! Isn't it wonderful to move into a home you are super excited about? Love your inspirations also for your bedroom..word from the wise, use tremendous restraint when doing the pink walls, take it from me...first apt. in NYC as newlyweds, I wanted that soft glowy pink, we came home just as the painter was wrapping up and literally felt like we were living inside a Pepto Bismol was HORRID!!!! Of course you know the painters were there again the next morning doing a safe white....I was traumatized! But the right soft pink can be gorgeous! Can't wait to take the journey with you..very exciting!

  5. Congrats on the new home! How excited you must be to begin planning your remodel! On the topic of pink; I am worried that it could be too much in the bedroom. I too have had problems using pink. I find it hard to achieve the exact color and match it well with others in the home. While I too think real men wear pink, I don't know if they necessarily want to be surrounded by it on all four walls. This will be fun to follow and watch!

  6. So exciting Jennifer! Beautiful house! can't wait to see what you do with it....:)

  7. LOVE the glowy pink -- I'd love to do that too to our master bedroom -- don't think my pink averse husband will go for it... :(

  8. Soooo happy for you, Jennifer! I love the new house, and it's WHITE! Can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

  9. Congratulations! What a beautiful house. I had a pink master bedroom for years, hubby seemed to be okay with it...when any of our friends would comment, he'd say, "well, I'm comfortable with my masculinity" :-)
    I haven't had to sell a home for quite awhile but I hear today's buyer wants you to edit...they want to see less than more. I can understand that. Good luck.

  10. Congratulations-the new home is gorgeous! (Although, when you hinted last time about news, I was thinking baby news!) We're in house #10 in 24 yrs. I've used the laundry basket everytime, and once threw dog poop in it-don't ask...also, another basket of toys Edward has never seen to keep him happy in the car while prospective buyers take forever looking after showing up 2 hrs. late...snacks, of course...and remove everything personal and non-neutral. Think magazine perfect 24-7. It's stressful, but so worth it in the end! I know it will happen quickly-good luck!

  11. Jennifer,
    I'm thrilled that you have purchased this lovely new home. It will be fun to take the journey with you as you choose colors and things for your home. You have excellent taste so I know it will be wonderful.

  12. Congratulations Jennifer! Your future house is awesomely beautiful. Last time I sold a house, my realtor told me that almost every realtor that showed it talked about the show condition and how it was the best they'd seen in a long time. Which is so funny because we don't live that way by a long shot. That's how determined I was to sell and sell quickly. I had the house looking like people didn't actually live there. Whenever we had a showing I put all the shower/bath toiletries (even soap) in the basket and it went in the car. Every family photo was packed away. I burned a Trapp candle (orange vanilla) right before showings, and turned on lights and lamps around the house. I also hid any signs of pets and took them in the car. My hand held vacuum was so helpful and went in the car, too. As did lots of laundry. It was lots of hard work, but it paid off quickly. Good luck!

  13. ahh so excited for you! and i love that you've had your eye on it for so long! we're going to be going through this together - we are closing on our "forever" house next month. it is the best feeling to know where you're going to raise your family!! oh and i have a bag that holds all of my junk that i keep in the car and drive around with! i think the size of a laundry basket is probably a better idea! cheers :)


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