Moodboard Monday: Chaise Love

Morning y'all! It will be a miracle if I make it out of my PJ's today.  The house needs major cleaning (yuck) and it's rainy and I can't go to the grocery store on a whim anymore.  I now have to do my grocery shopping sans Edward - he insists on pushing the cart despite the fact that he's 2 feet tall. He also has to make a lot of noise to let everyone know just how hard he's working.  There's no bargaining with this child so he gets to stay home.  Anyway, there's no reason for me to leave the house today so that essentially means there's no reason for me to put on regular clothes or brush my hair.

But that's not why I'm here today.  I'm here to do something I love to do, which is find expensive items I can't afford and pretend they're mine.  Today's topic: the outdoor chaise.  We purchased our chaises over the weekend (I'm so excited to get them and play with pillows), but that hasn't stopped me from coveting these amazing bamboo sun chaises from Michael Taylor Designs.

I saw them in this month's Veranda feature The World of Outdoor Chaises that I can't afford. I love them sooo much.  Sometimes I ask Edward, "How much does Mommy love you?" and he holds his arms out wide and says "much."  I could amend that question to say, "How much does Mommy love the Michael Taylor outdoor bamboo sun chaise?"  That's how much I love it.  

I love it.  

So I made a moodboard for y'all of my dream backyard, which includes this chaise that I love so much.  

{Sources: awesome tables lit from underneath from this wedding and all over pinterest-duh; overhead twinkly lights via apartment therapy; garden and herringbone patio via Habitually Chic; Bamboo Sun Chaise with Wheels; Grey Santa Barbara Umbrella; blue & white garden stools; boxwood image via Boxwood Terrace}


  1. Don't get creeped out when you see some strange chick lounging around at your poolside retreat. It's just me, frolicking amongst the boxwoods and garden stools. No biggie.

  2. Your inspiration board looks great! I love those chaise lounges, too! xo Diana

  3. Whoa, the tables with lights underneath? What a brilliant idea for evening back yard dining. I love the images of the chaise with the blue and white garden seat next to, I have the garden seat, now I need the chaise! To dream is loads of'll really appreciate the chaise's when you actually get the ones you are dreaming of.

  4. Very nice inspiration board. I love boxwoods in pots; something necessary for a French inspired landscape.

  5. LOOOOVE your poolside retreat, tres chic!! The blue and white is so elegant for outdoors too....just gorgeous!


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