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Morning y'all! It's a beautiful day today.  I don't mean to be whatever, but life is good.  (My college roommate and bestie used to preface a vague complediss with "I don't mean to be whatever."  For some reason it always made me laugh, despite the fact that it meant I was about to get told i.e. "I don't mean to be whatever, but you aren't being nearly as big of a b---- as you were last week.")  Anyway, it was a crazy weekend with lots of amazing things happening that I can't wait to tell you about when the time is right, but I will say it was a great Mother's Day weekend.

I did have a few spare moments to browse through the latest issue of Lonny.  It was maybe one of the best issues yet.  So much prettiness and lots of blue and white, which is always a plus.  I'm sure many of you have read it already, but for those who haven't here's what I liked:

This loveliness from Christy Ford:

From her store, And George:

And this deliciousness from the incredibly inspiring Jamie Meares:

And, finally, I learned what a demilune is.  It's that half-moon table, and I like it, especially at the top of stairs, and especially, especially with blue and white all over it.

Have a lovely day! 


  1. I went to college in Charlottesville and regularly would go to And George and just drool. Christy Ford is SO talented.

  2. I love this house SOOOO much! One of my favorite issues of Lonny ever!

  3. I think the staircase is my favorite picture. Such a grand and beautiful space with the white and blue looking great on the landing. We have a staircase very similar to this picked out for our homes construction.

  4. So lovely. I love and George blog and was thrilled to see her home, I just knew it would be pretty!

  5. My gosh, Jennifer- What a wonderful post. So many lovely images...but the first one is stuck in my mind! I love the staircase those too with the half table and blue and white...Gorgeous- xo Diana

  6. Love, love, love that first image!! x Sharon

  7. Pretty pretty! And many I haven't seen always a perk. That first andl last picture are esepcially fabulous and never met a deminlune table I didn't love!


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