Happy Birthday to The Suze - Always Be Partyin'!

Morning Y'all! Yes, it's The Suze's birthday! She's 32ish.  I feel like I haven't posted about The Suze in forever.  For no real reason, except I may have run out of Suzeday Files.  I will be sharing a book review later on this week where I give her a couple glasses of wine and then record her impressions and observations.  It should be fun.  For those of you who don't know, The Suze is my silly mama who inspired this blog.  Basically, everything I post is something I would have shared with her and instead decided to share with the world the 12 other people who read this blog.   She used to supply me with a steady stream of magazine clippings that she's saved since the 80s, which I then compiled into The Suzeday Files.  I'm in the process of compiling all of The Suzeday Files into a pinboard titled The Suze, so today I will share a few of my favorites.  

I love this house. The Suze has carried this picture around with her for years.  

Rene Fransen

A place of respite from the exhausting task of lounging by the pool.


This living room has always been one of my favorites.  The color palette and pale blue pleated lamp shades get me every time.

A little of this, A little of that 

Jewel Box Garden (which The Suze calls The Secret Garden because she forgets)

Rene Fransen

I love this bed.  This is my dream bed.

Bedroom Loveliness

The most gorgeous blue and white kitchen, which The Suze appropriately noted is a Kitchen.


And finally a little glimpse at The Suze's house.  I love this display ... so many wonderful memories.

Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you so much and I'm so glad I have someone who shares my passion for interiors and blue and white.  Cheers to the fun year we have ahead of us! 


  1. Suze has great taste. I have added a number of these images to my pinterest boards. Happy Birthday, Suze.

  2. Always enjoy the various sized frames on a table. It adds a nice touch of elegance. I have to say that my favorite picture is also the first, mainly because it touches on elements similar to the home we will be building. Arches, shutters, courtyard; all look wonderful.

  3. The Suze has the best taste. I love each room and home you've shared from her files. Lucky you to have a mom that loves to decorate!

  4. Something we have in common..all kinds of beautiful inspiration we have gotten from our moms! Your mom looks to have wonderful taste and best part is she passed it down to you! Great pictures, and beautiful inspiration as always...hope you had a wonderful first Mothers day Jennifer! Its great to be back in blogland:)


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