Have a Lovely, Lovely Mother's Day Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day Y'all! Just a few of my favorite mother & child pictures (excluding all animal mother and child pics - there were just too many).  Obviously, the last one is yours truly getting a big ole juicy smooch from my Edward.  I can never get enough of them. The picture above that is of another famous mother-daughter duo, The Suze and little me.  She's coming in town in a couple of hours and I'm so excited! We have plans to go to a Mother's Day brunch at Powell Gardens.  I've never been but always wanted to go.  Hopefully, we get some more amazing pictures of Edward smelling the flowers like he did when we went to the Dallas Arboretum.   Smelling flowers is serious business for that child.  

And finally, I'm going to try something new this Mother's Day.  Last year, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because I didn't feel like I got a big enough celebration of my mother-ness (I mean, a parade would have been nice).  Honestly, with that attitude, I will always be disappointed.  I know that I am very, very lucky to be a mommy, and especially to Edward, so I'm going to sit down and write him a letter telling him so.  (I'm sure I got this idea from Pinterest).  I never want to take for granted how lucky I am to have the best job in the world and I want him to always know how much I love him and love being his mother.  By changing my perspective, I've managed to ensure that I will never again be disappointed on Mother's Day because I'm truly blessed. Hopefully, I can make it a tradition for years to come.

I hope all of y'all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and to my friends whose mama's can't be with them (I have far too many) just know that I'm thinking about you and I will gladly lend you The Suze, as long as you can provide her with crushed ice and a DVR full of Bravo reality shows (I know, such a diva). 

Enjoy these weekend links: 

I would love one of these cute cover-ups that also offer protection from the sun! 

Adorable bedding for a young girl's room! 

Lots of pretty blue and white rugs

Lots of pretty blue and white things

I have this custom silhouette charm and I'm so in love with it.
Dudes, if you accidentally forgot Mother's Day you can order this and pretend you didn't know it would take that long to ship and all will probably be forgiven.  Maybe.  

My friend and fair trade jewelry designer Ashley Pittman has amazing horn and bronze jewelry that would make a perfect Mother's Day gift for the stylish mama in your life.
Check them out on Net-A-Porter!
Also available at Neimans and Bergdorfs

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas: here, here, here, and here

If your mom likes all things Bravo (ahem The Suze), then you have to get her Andy Cohen's new biography Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture
I can't stop tweeting Andy my impressions and accolades like we're besties.  I love him. 


  1. I laughed out loud about getting the letter idea from Pinterest. Love the honesty :)

    And all of the blue and white links, naturally.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What a sweet post and a terrific idea to write a note to your son. Brilliant!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

  3. What a sweet post. I cracked up at the picture of Edward kissing you, isn't that how all toddlers kiss?!
    I liked your bit about changing your attitude, I've been that way about my birthday a few times...I mean, isn't a parade the norm? :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  4. The two pictures I recognize are two of my favorite moms! I always loved Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. Love all your blue and white. Happy Mothers Day!


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