Time to Relax

Morning Y'all! How was your weekend?  We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Edward enjoyed many Easter egg hunts and about 6,000 marshmallows.  I ate too much, per usual.  I'm pretty sure I have a little flu-bug now.  Holidays are hard on my delicate body.  Actually, having a toddler/incubator of germs is what's hard on me.  That and a deviated septum, a la Alexis Bellino.  But that is neither here nor there.  The only reason I brought it up is because in my never-ending quest to look on the bright side, I'm hoping the post-Easter binge flulike symptoms will result in the tiniest bit of weight loss.  Just like 2 lbs? Maybe?  Whatevs.  I'm just trying to justify being sick again.  Soo, time to change the subject, how about that Bubba?  Just kidding.  I won't make you talk about golf.

What I really want to talk about is this image from this post I did awhile back.

No, I don't know the name of the wallpaper yet, but a very lovely reader informed me that the image is from the website of California design trio Bonesteel, Trout and Hall.  Their look is very California, cool and relaxing yet chic.  Here are some of my favorites.  

I love this all white living room area with the gorgeous painting above the fireplace.  I could easily relax in here.  In fact, I see multiple spots in which I could chill out.

Again, soo relaxing.  Maybe because it's so clean, ha! This room is shaped a lot like ours.  Only next to the bed you can almost always find a half-unpacked suitcase from my husband's last trip just waiting for me to guess what's dirty and what's clean (note: it's all dirty to me, unless it's hanging in the closet).  I shouldn't point fingers.  I do the same thing.  Love the colors in here.

Oh yeah, gonna relax here too.  Yesterday, I fell asleep in Edward's playroom while he was playing.  I woke up to him laughing at me.  He's such a good kid.  He could've totally grabbed my credit card, a bottle of wine and the keys to my car and taken his friends on a booze-filled joy ride through-out Kansas, but he didn't.  He just laughed and cuddled with me.  

A place to take a relaxing bath.  

Ok, off to relax go to the grocery store, dry-cleaner and park, Edward demands outside playtime on pretty days. I'm going to pray for a bit of rain, but not tornado rain because that's too scurry.  Have a lovely day! 


  1. gorgeous eye candy! Love that white bathroom!

  2. Love their style.The wallpaper in the bathroom is so fun.

  3. I love that bedroom! When I get a real life, I need to make that room happen!

  4. All beautiful but what I loved the most were the funny tales of you and Curious Edward.....enjoy this precious time!


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