Moody Monday ...

Flowers ...

Paris ...

Cupcakes ...

and a pink chaise ...

All inspired by this picture of Edward playing from last week ... 

... for you this Monday morning.

Be back tomorrow with bookshelf pictures!

{Images via here, here, here and here}


  1. OH MY! What beautiful images- each and every one of that last one! xo Diana

  2. those hanging hydrangeas are too much! gorgeous!

  3. Wow that first picture is AMAZING!!!!!!! And that little Edward looks too cute waltzing in the grass....and lets not even get started on those ridiculously gorgeous cupcakes!

  4. Are those hydrangea hanging from the magical disco balls. The decoration on the cupcake isn't edible, right? :-)
    Edward looks darling in that beautiful, spring setting.

  5. Is the first picture from Longwood Gardens???? I live very close to it and it looks familiar. Little Edward is so adorable!!!! STOP tempting me with those CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  6. Such beautiful pictures. Love the pink and Edward walking down the hill is so cute.

  7. Gorgeous images. Dreaming of eating one of those fabulous cupcakes with my morning coffee!! Your Edward is absolutely precious!!

  8. The first image of the hanging hydrangeas is amazing, but nothing can top little Edward, what a doll,


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