Houses I Like ...

When I see a pretty white house, I get the same sort of endorphin high that I get when I lay my eyes on this picture: 

Just sheer, utter joy and happiness combined with a tiny hint of raging jealousy that it's not mine.

Today, I'm mourning the "contract pending" status on a house I've been eyeballing for months.  It certainly wasn't mine to lose, but I felt a sort of ownership over it as I was the one who visited it daily on various real estate websites and gazed at it lovingly, imagining all of the painting and wallpapering I would do to make it pretty again.  But alas, it wasn't meant to be.  So I'm going to take the high road and show you houses that are better than that house because I never wanted him anyway.

I know this is lazy of me, but all of these houses can be found here, on my Pinterest board appropriately titled Houses.  I clearly have a thing for white houses.  Do you have a certain style of house you find yourself admiring over and over? I'd love to hear about it! 


  1. I love a white house-I love ALL your examples. When we redid this house I opted for a white house with the traditional green shutters and dark green roof. I think traditionalism is in my is what I grew up with in our area of PA. xoDiana

  2. White houses are always beautiful and when combined with certain correct architectural elements like a great roof, proper windows and scale..its a home run! I also have a thing for beautiful French homes...and finally got one. I bet a beautiful "white house" is in your future!

  3. Wow! I would be happy with virtually any one of these beauties.

  4. Almost everyone of these houses would be my dream house...I love the style and color and elevation of each and every one. These are all probably located in far away states so I guess I'll have to dream.

  5. love all of these! your blog is wonderful, so happy i found it!


  6. The beauty of white has never been out of place, even for these homes! These are conventional houses, portraying the simplicity and elegance of the color white on the home. With the right blend of the overall exterior and interior designs, including the type and color of the roof, these houses fit the description of “perfectly awesome!”

    Adam Waterford

  7. Adam is right. There is something about the color white that exudes elegance and beauty, especially when used as the primary color for a house. Your selection of beautiful homes is a clear example of this, and based from your examples, white blends well with any color you may choose for the roof, windows, and doors.

    Nelson Kamaka

  8. The thing about a white house is its simplicity and beauty. I like white houses too. In fact I grew up in one. Now I live in a Victorian house, and even though it’s not all white, it still has a touch of home on the inside. I have a white roof and white sidings. =)

    Max Boughner

  9. Despite modern architectural designs and colorful shades, there’s still nothing that can replace the elegance of a white house! It is the simplicity and versatility of white that makes it alluring. With a white house, you can use any kind and color for the roof, and it would still look good! And aside from being a versatile color, I also like the fact that white houses look so neat and clean!

    Lakisha Autin

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