Before & After: Family Room & Kitchen

Ok y'all, here it is. 

Family Room Before: 

Family Room After:

P.S. My new pillows and blanket.  The room feels more fun and springy now.  Not so serious.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

I'm not going to even begin to try to explain all of the things we did.   It's been five years in the making, on a starter home budget.  I wish I blogged back then.  Instead, I just lurked.  I will happily answer any questions if y'all have any. 

I do want to talk about something else before & after related.  It drives me absolutely bananas when magazines do before and afters and post the befores in black and white.  I get that for the overall visual page layout, it is more appealing.  It's just, why bother?  Changing paint color and color scheme is a huge part of a before and after that I desperately want to see. Are y'all with me?  Drives me crazy.  Ok, that's it for my rant.  

Finally, I have to say a little prayer of thanks today for sparing not only my family and friends during yesterday's tornadoes in and around Dallas, but also my Dad's business that he works so hard at everyday and he's built from the ground up.  You see, all of those super scary videos of tractor-trailers flying through the air, well, my Dad was watching it live just feet from his office, debris falling on him and his co-workers as they ran inside for cover.  The tornado hit everyone around him, but spared his property and his life.  It doesn't even make sense.  I feel so sorry for the business around him that have to pick up the pieces, but I am soo grateful he doesn't have to deal with that and beyond grateful that no one was hurt.  So I'm going to spend the rest of the day counting my blessings.  Do it with me, it makes your day infinitely better! 


  1. Whoa, you are a miracle worker! I can't believe how fugly it was before!! So pretty now :)

    So glad to hear about your family!

  2. OMG, Thank God your Dad is alive. What a fantastic transformation. Great job!

  3. Wow.. how many blessings we receive in this life. I feel so glad to hear your father and his business are safe.

    This is the kind of transformation I like to see. It's easy to have a beautiful home when you can tore everything down and start all over, hard is to bring into life something you already have. You have done something that should inspire all of us to do better with what we HAVE!

    Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL home with us!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at

    PS: If you a minute, please drop by to enter my Giveaway! :-)

  4. Holy flipping cow! WHAT a makeover. The magic of paint and perseverance! You did an amazing job. BTW, I hate when those magazines use the black and whites for the before...c' me the REAL deal.

    I am so glad your family is safe and that your Dad's business was spared. That Schneider trucking firm that got hit is home-based here and several of my friends are employed by them. They are just devastated by the enormity of what happened there. xo Diana

  5. I'm so happy to hear your dad was spared the devastation of the tornado. I used to live in Arlington so I was saddened to see the damage to so many homes and businesses there. I will count with you...blessings each day one day at a time.

    Just to jump in on your rant...what's with before and after pictures when one is taken at one angle and the after is a completely different angle. I want to be able to compare side by side...your before and after was truly amazing. Way to go...what a huge difference/improvement.


  6. Wowza! What a HUGE difference! The house was so dark before and now it's filled with light and beautiful things. So glad that you had the "before" pictures, because no one would've believed the transformation otherwise.

    I live in Dallas and yesterday was extremely scary, listening to all of the tornado warning sirens going on and off for what seemed like hours. I'm so glad that your father's business was spared. We need to count our blessings for sure!

  7. Awesome transformation! Great job; it's beautiful!!

    I too have family in Dallas, and I am with you in counting blessings today. Thank God!


  8. LOVE THIS!!! you're pretty awesome sister! can't wait to spend my Easter in your cozy living room!!

  9. Doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as the end result is beautiful and perfect for you and your family. We've all been there. As another Texan I read with interest your telling about your dad. Thank goodness he was OK. I've had emails from England asking if we were alright...we live in Houston.
    So happy to meet you !! Your blog is lovely.

  10. I saw the photos of the tornado passing by your dad's business. That is truly SCARY, and what a blessing to know that he was protected.

  11. Holy canoli, this is amazing!!! It was not very appealing in the before stage:):):) I am trying to be polite:):). You have worked wonders. KUDOS to you. XO, Pinky

  12. I mean, are you kidding me with this??? HOW DO YOU DO THIS? You amaze me. I'm not even surprised.

    Miss you!

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