San Francisco, Part 2

Yesterday, I mentioned that among the 1,232 sights we saw in San Francisco, I made us all take a trip to Gump's to peruse all of the luxury goodies that I always see when I shop their online store.  I had exactly 18 minutes on the parking meter so it was a quick run through, but I'm an incredibly efficient browser of fine goods.  Here are some of the things I spotted and loved.

Blue and white embroidered towels inspired by Ming Dynasty porcelain.

Blue and white bath accessories

This is a horrible picture, but I need these chippendale sheet sets.  I'm obsessed with pretty embroidered sheets.  There's nothing more luxurious than beautiful sheets.  I want to by an embroidery machine just so I can make my own -- this is where you leave comments with embroidery machine advice :)

A pretty contemporary meets classic table setting

Again, a bad picture, sorry y'all, I suck at taking iphone photos while Edward is threatening to break free from the confines of his stroller, but I loved these floral porcelain jars.  I'm going to dream about them tonight.  I wish they were mine.

I also wish these kimono pillows were mine.

And for the childrens ...

Oh holy grail, look at all the blue and white!

Ugh, I wish I had been more thoughtful of my picture taking skillz.  I blame my carelessness on part excitement and part fear that Edward was going to lose it.  We were pushing our luck at that point.  My dream is to go back someday when I have a new house and buy all of my finishing touches here.  It's just so well-edited and styled in the store that you can't help but be inspired!

Tomorrow, I'll be back with the last of my pictures and then it's peanut butter jelly time (that's code for back to design blogging time - sorry, I'm writing this at night, which I rarely do because I become a crazy person from 5 pm on.  Most moms do.  It's just part of the deal.  Post-second-cup-of-coffee morning gives me fresh brain and a better attitude in general.  Does that even make sense?)


  1. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there!!

  2. Hey
    San Francisco, Part 2
    I enjoy your blog!, This unique is just a totally nicely structured posting, I do appreciate the writing
    Thank you!

  3. Gumps is my favorite! Glad you were able to enjoy it. I totally agree about the after 5PM thing. I am good for nothing after about 6 PM.

  4. All soo pretty! Love all that gorgeous blue and white for the bath and bed....fabulous!


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