Notes from Dallas

Morning y'all! I've been busy in Dallas being Dallasy, which pretty much means I've been going out to eat a bunch.  I need to get my Burger House/queso/sushi/queso/queso fix.  Here are some pretties from in and around The Suze's house. 

You see: pretty spring blooms.  I see: allergy city  

I found this sweet little girl at a store near our house.  I have a similar little boy in Edward's nursery that his dad and grandfather had in their nurseries.  

My mom got these cute green bunnies at Nicholson-Hardie, a local nursery & garden center.  When I was little, we would always make a trip to NH to pick out flowers for spring.  It was one of my favorite places.  Those bunnies have become Edward's favorite toy, which is unfortunate for the bunnies.  He hugs them and kisses them and then tries to feed them to the dog.

Vignettes of the blue and white variety.

Logs for the fire in a blue and white planter.

I love this house down the street from us.  I love a white house, especially white painted brick and a slate roof.

Blue & white fabrics that The Suze is considering.

Dash & Albert rug that The Suze is also considering.

A book that we all should consider buying.  Again with the white houses.  If my suitcase wasn't 54 lbs on the way here, I would try to find a way to stuff it in my bag.

And a cherub with a full baby belly.

I'll be sad to leave tomorrow.  We're headed to meet Kip in San Francisco for a short weekend trip and then finally home.  If y'all have any suggestions for things to do with a 1 1/2  year-old in San Fran let me know! Have a lovely day! 


  1. Take him to Golden Gate Park and let him run around like a mad man! The Japanese tea garden was my favorite as a little girl and you'll love it too!

  2. What great memories here. I remember those prints of the little praying boy and girl and they hung in the bedroom when I was a kid. Yours is so sweet.
    I know it must be sad to be leaving. I hope you have fun in San Fran with that little guy before you head home. He is really cute! xo Diana

  3. Hi Jennifer, I'm glad you're enjoying being in Dallas. Burger House is indeed yummy, but have you tried Maple and Motor? Oh my. I'm in GWP, so just a minute from Nicholson Hardie which my husband may wish I'd forget exists! And the allergens are awful here -- you're so right!! Your son is so adorable!

    1. I agree that the Burger House is good. We all grew up eating the burgers and of course it's in "The Bubble," which is very important. But I've also found a new place that has awesome burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. It's called Lucky Burgers and it's at the intersection of Forest and Inwood. You should definitely try it the next time you're in Dallas.

  4. San Francisco. The zoo.(weather might not cooperate....The lions Den is the best for kids) The big hit will be to go to Pier 39 and see the amazing amount of seals on the docks. The Ferry is an inside market but plenty of room to run inside (given the foul weather that has stuck around all week) and fun for parents too. Of course go on the tourist rip off cable car...pick up near Fishermans wharf and ride to the end ... downtown, close to Union Square where a 1 1/2 year old can run again.

  5. Love that cherry blossom pic!

    Love Dash & Albert!

    Love that baby belly!

  6. It all sounds good! How cute is the little man? I haven't been to Dallas in so long but do have fond memories...and San Francisco next? One great place to another. Enjoy and safe travels.....

  7. I have never been to Texas. One day i would love to visit. Have a great time.

  8. Oh what a cute child - absolutely beautiful - and the blossom looks gorgeous too! What happy images!


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