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Morning y'all! Yesterday, I started the dreaded task of restyling my bookshelves.  The images above served as my inspiration.  At first, I thought organizing my books by color would be cheese, but once I started, I realized it gave me more control over the overall look.  I love the way it's turning out. Of course, styling my bookshelves meant taking everything off of every shelf in the house and putting it on my kitchen counter.  I've been walking around like a madwoman saying in my head, "nothing's safe ... ugly frame, your days are numbered ... random plate, it might be time for us to part ways."  It's how I imagine people leading big corporate shake-ups feel.  No emotions, just business and a sense of power.  I still have about another day's work before it's complete, but I can't wait to show you.  

For now, enjoy some weekend links: 

If I ever open a linen store, I want it to look like this cake shop

I just bought this pink shirt for Edward.  He's going full prep this summer.   

So the D Home cover I posted last week totes copied Elle Decor's March 2010 
Naughty naughty D Home (thanks Sandra for spotting this!) 
However, I will probably copy both of these covers in my next home

I'm obsessed with this new Draw Something app 
jhadley32 - if anybody wants to play :) 

Gorgeous linens right here in Kansas

As a kid, when we had to go to the art museum, I would look at the paintings and try to find either a hot guy or my Byzantine doppleganger  

Tabletop Inspiration: Blue & White Ginger Jars - Always lovely 

Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen is selling her gorgeous home

P.S.  I'm in the market for a giant tray for my family room ottoman.  Like huge.  I just want one big tray to put stuff on.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  


  1. Can't wait to see the bookshelves. And Edward is going to look so handsome in his pink shirt!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh- what a job! I have been thinking about doing my own for weeks now. I am being inspired by YOUR start on the project. I fell in total LOVE with that cupcake shop...oh my! xo Diana

  4. I look forward to your big bookshelf reveal...bet its going to be a beauty!! Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

  5. That is a big job.... Cant wait to see what you did.


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