Have a Lovely Weekend!

Hey y'all! So who's going to see The Hunger Games this weekend??  I'm soo excited! I can't believe it's finally here.  I am also looking forward to things getting back to normal.  Our whirlwind vacation threw Edward off his game as well as Mommy.  It was a beating, although worth it for the memory alone.  I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend filled with beautiful weather.  Ok, I'll let you go.  (But first I leave you with some linkies)

First & Foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!

I loved the cover of this month's D Home, especially the tiny pop of pink that, I think, makes the room   
I think I must add the tiniest pop of pink to our soon-to-be blue dining room, maybe in the form of welting on the chairs?

The art selection process that went into creating the cover photo

Good post on iphone photography and apps from someone who knows 

I want a pink house

I also want pink jeans

I love a good before and after, especially when they paint everything white

Speaking of white walls, my newest pin board is ironic considering my latest color obsession

But then, white walls make colors pop, like with this gorgeous nursery garland

Color-lover Jaime Meares on How to Style a Sofa, which inspired my own sofa zhuzhing 

Cabin porn (it's ok to click the link, in fact, I seriously recommend it)

Definitely making these spinach meatballs this week, since Edward has decided to only eat coffee cake


  1. HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So excited I can't handle it.

  2. Fun post, I had a good time looking at the other links too,
    Happy Weekend,

  3. Really enjoyed your post. I bookmarked the spinach meatballs and loved the before and after house. However, I found it really strange that D Home would copy the Elle Decor March 2010 cover for their own cover. It is almost identical.

  4. Went to see Hunger Games last night, and we loved it!! Gorgeous cover of D Home ~

  5. hunger games was sooo good!!



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