Have a Lovely Weekend!

By Friday, I usually become totally lame on the blog front. Soo I'm going to try something new this week and send you off on your weekend with some lovely links.  I come across so many things throughout the week that I'd love to share with y'all.  I know I have at least a few lawyer friends that need a few time-wasters, since facebook stalking isn't as fun as it used to be (privacy settings ruin all the fun).

For my fashionable friends - a look at the NY apartment of style star Taylor Tomasi Hill.  
Ed: I knew Taylor in high school, and I love seeing her all famous and awesome.  She's always so sweet and genuine and one of those people you just want great things for.  Her bedroom pictured above is so fun as is the rest of her apartment! 

Three amazing dream homes from someone who lives in my dream home

My favorite butter to use when I'm cooking.
You can find it HERE

An awesome app for organizing all of your loyalty cards (Thanks Leigh!)

I made this healthy recipe last week and even Edward loved it! 

The before & afters that inspired my obsessive bedding post fabric.


  1. The picture on this post drew me in - it is so beautiful and cheerful! I am working with my 11 year old daughter on the colors in her new bedroom, and she naturally gravitates to the bright and cheery, but we are in disagreement about how to translate that to her room! I will show her this picture for inspiration.

  2. Plugra is AMAZING. I stockpile whenever I can find it in the grocery store. Seriously, I look like I'm trying to find Willy Wonka's golden ticket with the amount of butter I have in my cart.

  3. I checked out La Dolce Vita for the first time, and I'm in love! Thanks for sharing the link... you've made my Friday!

  4. While I love all of your posts, I think this is my favorite one so far! I can vouch for you that the spaghetti squash was amazing! Also, it's funny you mentioned FB stalking b/c I just remembered (and figured out how) to delete a certain person this morning. I'm so excited for the loyalty card app! My key chain is going to be so much less cluttered.

  5. Fun Jennifer...what a happy room that is!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend......

  6. I wonder if my grandgirl is home having a birthday party for Justin Bieber. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana

  7. Ah! Happy birthday to biebs!! And I'm obsessed with TTH, thanks for sharing!!! I can't believe you knew her....her style is amazing!



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