Giggles, Cuddles and a Beautiful Spring Morning

view from my backyard 

There's nothing like a happy, cuddly munchkin and a beautiful spring morning to bring me out of a state of travel-induced exhaustion.  This view is one of my absolute favorite things about our house.  Edward is kind enough to make sure I wake up early enough to enjoy these types of mornings.  Early morning is actually my favorite time of day despite the fact that I have to wake up, my least favorite thing to do.  I live in a world of extremes clearly. 

My delay in posting this morning is due to Edward's particularly snuggly and giggly mood, giving me multiple hugs in between bouts of laughter.  I wish I knew why so I could recreate it every morning.  Toddlers are moody like teenagers, but instead of sulking off to a corner and glaring at you, they yell and throw themselves on the floor.  They also rebound at an alarming rate and go from shooting lasers out of their eyes to floating on clouds of flowers and rainbows.  And when they're in the mood to be sweet and loving, it is the greatest thing ever. It can cure any form of general malaise, just like Spring.  

Here are a few more pictures of springtime in and around my house.  

More flowers from Trader Joe's.  I just shoved them in the vase and probably could have done a better job of arranging them, but I'm too lazy.  The three books underneath the flowers have been greatly influencing my style lately.  P.S. My new pillow cases arrived.  As soon as my throw blanket is here I will share pictures in the form of an amazing before and after.  My mother-in-law found pictures on her computer of our living room and kitchen when my husband first bought the house and it was barf-worthy.  Just wait.  

The hyacinths on the entry table smell amazing.  They are easily becoming my new favorite flower.

My Paule Marrot Tulips print that makes me happy when I look at it.  The Suze says it reminds her of something she had in the 70s.  She did have an amazing fern print fabric on her sofa that is back in style.

I'm trying to hide the brick sink under a bunch of flowers like it's a patio.  Hyacinths in the bathroom are a far superior solution to room spray or potpourri.  Just FYI.

My new pelmet box using Charlotte Moss' Caroline fabric for Fabricut in pool.  It reminds me a lot of David Hicks' The Vase, which you can see below.

via Beehive Blog
Love The Vase.  Love it.  (also love the Porthault pillow in the picture above)

And finally, Edward had a playdate at the park yesterday and soon after we arrived the storm clouds rolled in.  The combination of the dark gray clouds behind the gorgeous purplish pink budding trees and the bright green grass was beyond beautiful.  I'm thinking Monday's moodboard may have to be inspired by these pictures.   The colors were so gorgeous and inspiring.

This is a super random post I know.  Have a lovely day y'all! 


  1. Those pix of your yard ARE AMAZING!!!!! Those colors!!!!! Divine.

  2. I love the pictures of Edward running through the grass with the pink tree and the moody sky. Beautiful!

    P.S. I just realized that you have a thing for elephants. I have a thing for rabbits, so I can relate.

  3. How fun with your sweet boy. Boy, it seems like only yesterday...

    Great flowers and I do love the plentiful blooms at Trader Joe's right now.

    Happy Spring.

  4. I love a random post- Pretty valance..and the pictures of your yard are wonderful...but that little guy is the prize winner! xo Diana

  5. Love the pelmet box.....gorgeous fabric and love all the pretty spring touches. The cutest one being Edward of course and that view from your backyard....dreamy!

  6. So pretty! I'm loving the new line of Charlotte Moss fabrics.


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