Well, you know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers, unless, of course, it rains in February then maybe you'll get flowers in March but you never know because we live in Missouri* and not Texas which is really the only unfortunate thing about living in Missouri, that it's not Texas not that it sometimes rains in February because that never happens except this year, which is totally weird." Yep they say that. 

Annnyyyway ...

All of these lovely images are from The English Home April 2012.  I can't get enough flowery goodness this spring.  If I had that last bedroom I would never leave, which wouldn't be hard because it looks like the kind of place that has staff to bring you stuff like mac 'n' cheese and biscuits and coffee.  

This magazine is always a treat when I find it.  I found it at my local grocery store, but you can also get a subscription HERE 

*Okayyy, I don't actually live in Missouri, but I'm like 1/10 of a mile into Kansas and I can't in good conscious claim Kansas because I'm a Tiger, a True Son (except I'm a daughter).  


  1. My parents' company has locations in England, so whenever they go or their counterparts come here, I beg people to bring me British home and garden magazines. They are to die for!!!

  2. Come sono belle queste immagini con fantasie di fiori!Rosetta

  3. Such pretty flowers for the upcoming season!

  4. Ha ha ha ha! I have no idea what you were saying there at the beginning abd that's AWESOME! You're so delightful, Miss J. Love the flowers. All of this is really making me miss Laura Ashley.....I worshiped at the shrine of Laura Ashley back in the day.

  5. 'AND' that awesome. Can't spell this AM!

  6. Lovely photos! In August are you wishing you lived in Texas?? I'd be pretty happy to not be here May-October!

  7. This confirms just how much I love flowers......more power to the flowers:)

  8. Such pretty pictures. I could be happy in any of those bedrooms, but I've always dreamed of one with a fireplace.

  9. Jennifer,

    I so glad I found your beautiful blog.... I love it so much, I am your newest follower. I just started my own and hope you will drop by and let me know what you thinks so far.


  10. The fireplace is gorgeous. I want something like that in my mom's home. I can't get a fireplace installed in my home sadly so the only place I could get it is in my mom's home.



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