Dining Room Art

Ok y'all, remember how I randomly decided to repaint the dining room? so we put the paint swatches up on the wall, and the Newburyport Blue was by far the better color for the room.  It will be a bit before I get a chance to actually start painting because we're taking a little trip to Dallas and then San Francisco (yeah!) But I'm now motivated to decorate the room a bit more, specifically the walls, so I spent yesterday looking for some inspiration and this what I found:

I'll do some plates on the wall because I love my china and I have some extra to throw up there.

Charles Spada

 A Christian Chaize print is always welcome at my house.  It just makes me happy.

This is, obviously, very awesome.

Axel Vervoordt

 I would like to put some sort of citrus tree in there.  Perhaps of the kumquat variety?

Southern Accents
I love these giant botanical prints

via Pinterest and Jamie Meares

How much do I love the color on the walls in this dining room? And the unique sunburst.

Richard Keith Langham 

 Silver, china & a chinoiserie screen. Always pretty.

Southern Accents
The Suze would love this.  She loves giant palms.  They were like extra siblings when we were growing up.   Last time I went home, there was a giant palm in my bathroom that touched my head every time I went to put on my make-up.

Elle Decor
 But this is the image that really got me.  The picture in the middle.

Elle Decor

And this one.

Federico de Vera

I really want two portraits, specifically of judges.  Why?  Because 80% of our dinner guests are lawyers, and I think it would be funny to have judges side-eyeing them as they discuss lawyer stuff.  Because lawyers love to discuss lawyer stuff with other lawyers.  And I get bored.  

A quick google search found these reproductions for not much.  

I get giggly thinking about it.  Giggly is good.


  1. Congrats on deciding on a direction, at least color wise, for your dining room. I swear that is half the battle of decorating a room. Anyway, all the while I was scrolling through your wall decor I kept thinking portraits. I love your choice of Judges for your portraits. So cool to reference something that relates to your real life.

  2. Like all the inspiration but you stumped me at the big palms. (my husband and the Suze must be related) we have been fighting over keeping one that just won't die in our family room..so does not go and finally he is starting to relent. I liked them way back when but somehow unless i am lucky enough to have a great big palazzo in Palm Beach I am not feeling the palm tree thing. Do love all the above, and decorating with plates makes a room feel so warm and charming, definitely gives it that wonderful old world Southern vibe.
    So pretty!

  3. Wow- Some great inspiations here. I can't wait to see your room all painted up! xoDiana

  4. ha ha ha ha! Love the freak-out-the-lawyer art ideas! (I'm a lawyer too, or at least I used to be before I had my kiddo, so I can laugh at the expense of lawyers, hee.)

    I want a citrus tree!


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