A Place to Relax ...

Hey y'all! I'm back and properly medicated caffeinated.  My replacement coffee maker should be arriving in the next 7 to 10 business days, and luckily, I have a backup to get me through the wait.  If the new one breaks after 3 weeks, then I'm dunzo and moving on to a new brand.  This is serious.  I cannot wake up to a broken coffee maker again.  Ever.  As my sister so smugly pointed out in the comments yesterday, I have a slight dependence on coffee, but hellooo I have a high energy toddler in the house! I know most y'all understand this as you are in the same boat.  Anyway, it's not like I'm drinking Go-Go Juice*

Buhut, if I had to give it up, I would need a lovely place to detox.  Like this adorable riverside cottage, Kingfisher Folly. You can rent it through Unique Home Stays, the web site I told you about in Monday's post.

Let's be honest, that looks like a great place to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee.  I'm never giving it up.  Nevahhhhhh!

You can rent Kingfisher Folly here.

*Go-Go Juice is a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew given to pageant toddlers by their obviously insane and horrid mothers.  I'm not normally in the business of judging other moms, but if you're giving you're child this, I'm judging.  I'm judging hard.  


  1. Why hello there, dream life. I would agree to "rent" it and then refuse to leave.

  2. How sweet is that, love the bedroom.....the way it opens to the small patio lining the babbling brook. Are the wellies included? That looks like quite the ultimate little getaway, kind of what I fantasize about when life feels too crazy and I dream about getting away to a tiny little cozy place somewhere in the woods/country/mountains. Yes, this would do mighty fine.

    On a side note..SOOOOO can relate to the stress involved in having a coffee maker not function. I mean seriously we are talking coffee, this IS serious! I cannot go 12 hours without having a freshly brewed cup, forget an entire day! NOOOOO way.
    Cheers to a new and better coffee machine!

  3. OMG that sink is to die for...
    I have never had coffee so no need to rely on busted coffee maker but if I ever woke up and had no diet pepsi and reese cups for breakfast somebody would die that day, just saying.
    I read about that "juice" and was wondering what is was especially when I saw one of the toddler shows and that little girl was sucking it down like there was no tomorrow. It looked more like crack juice!

  4. What a charmer, love the bedroom. Hard to believe that big room is in that tiny house...so sweet!


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