Oh No!

Hey y'all, it's Edward here. Bloggin' for my mama.  You see, her coffee maker broke today (her brand new Cuisinart Burr Grind N' Brew coffee maker) so she's curled up in the fetal position on the kitchen floor using words I'm not supposed to use.  She's being so dramatic.  I mean, we can't all just get what we want when we want it ... oh wait, I can 'cause I'm a baby.  Being a baby rocks.  Anyway, she's completely mental right now.  If I could drive I would totally get her a Starbucks and put her out of her misery, but since I can't I'm just going to go hop on my toy train and ride around the house screaming until she decides to come push me.  She'll be back tomorrow, hopefully properly medicated.  


  1. oh no!! 1. he looks adorable in that picture! 2. didn't you JUST buy this!? I feel like i read a post about it! 3. don't even take him out of his adorable pj's, put him in his car seat and DRIVE...go get yourself a coffee ASAP!


  2. Now that was just a stinking cute post! That would through my whole day off....

  3. my favorite picture ever! - sorry you're so dependent on coffee, that stinks... JK love ya sis

  4. tell mommy I feel her pain. You'll understand when you're older.

  5. I feel for you, this is a real Bummer. I hope you return it after you have a cup of coffee. Good luck

  6. Oh you poor child having to rule the house while you mother has a meltdown! You are going to have SOME stories to share with you kindergarten class...I can hear it now..."yep my mother was too lazy to blog so at 1 she made me guest blog" or "yea, when her coffee maker broke down she had to curl up in the corner to console herself while she let me have free reign of the house, including yep...having to guest blog again, make my own meals, fend for myself". I am sure his teacher will be amused:)
    Needed this laugh...thank you! Return that coffee maker pronto and demand a new one!
    Cute pic......good luck Edward with "you know who" :)

  7. How adorable is this...love the priceless expression on your precious little one. Nothing like a coffee pot breaking. I always have an extra one for just in case...can't live without my caffeint!!

  8. Edward, your picture and post have just made my day! You are adorable beyond words.

  9. My Cuisinart coffee maker tank broke recently releasing scalding coffee all over the countertops and cabinets ruining the paint. The really sad part of my story is that I was much more upset about not having coffee that morning. What an adorable photo!!


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