Moodboard Monday: Guest Posting at The Pink Pagoda

Morning y'all! I'm guest posting over at The Pink Pagoda for her weekly series Blue and White Monday.    Come visit me there for lots of my blue and white favesies and a moodboard.  Go here y'all! 

P.S. How sad are y'all about Whitney Houston??  Hers was my first concert and I pretty much grew up listening to her music.  When The Suze designed our preschool directory she was listening to The Greatest Love of All and put the most perfectest quote on the cover: "I believe the children are our future ... " you know the rest.   If I can ever find it I'll share it with y'all.  It was super adorbs.  During and after college, I danced real hard to I Wanna Dance With Somebody every Thursday night at Don Hill's in NYC.  And unfortunately for my family, I often practiced my singing on my karaoke machine to I Will Always Love You.  It's all very sad (my singing included).  


  1. My bosses did not feel that Whitney's passing was a legitimate reason to close the office today, so I am blasting Ms. Houston on Pandora all day. I have a feeling I'll be sent home before the end of the day.

    PS- Love all the blue & white prettiness on The Pink Pagoda. I LOVE Tinsley Mortimer's monogrammed pillows.

  2. It is sad to see someone so young go so soon, she seemed really tormented by addiction which is always particularly tragic. I have so many fond memories attached to so many of her songs! I will go and visit you now!


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