If I Were to Design A Man Cave ....

it would look similar to this.

via Decor de Provence

What? No? It has a pool table, leather-bound books, a plane, a duck and a boat?

That's about as masculine as I can get.  I'm realizing as much as I am still obsessively pouring over images of floral chintzes for our bedroom, which is in fact very masculine.  I need to tone it down and make it more girly, 'cause I'm girly.  I need to sleep girly, especially after I spend all day playing games like kill the tractor and scary lion mommy.  By the way, the creamybluishgreenishgrayish color I'm getting from the image above is very very close to the elusive color in my head.  Does any of this make sense? I'm slightly distracted by the pillow search.  It's turning me into a madwoman.  More tomorrow ...


  1. This is the first pool table I have seen that I actually think is pretty...

  2. Now, that's my kind of man cave! I'm a girly-girl, too.
    Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. Don't think my husband would approve but I love it!

  4. Hello Jennifer,

    I'm sure you are a great person and I have to admire you for thinking about a Man Cave and what it might look like. But sorry sweetie I had to laugh as It looks to me Like a Hue Hefner kind of Man Cave.
    I can see the guys hanging out with there sailing caps on and a Pipe in their right hand talking about the good old days.
    You should do a Google search on man cave to get the jest of Man Cave. But to each his own when it comes to a Man Cave.


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