Have a Lovely Weekend!

I wish I could pipe in the smell of these hyacinths through the computer and over to y'all.  I picked them up at Trader Joe's last week and they are making my house smell like Spring! I had to put two of the droopy guys into smaller vases since I couldn't revive them.  Anyway, that's a little glimpse at my house this Friday morning.  I plan on working through more of my Big Clean list this weekend.  I crossed a couple of items off of it yesterday (yeah me!) and then acted like I had just run a marathon in snow shoes.  Now I have to go deal with the little matter of my dog wetting the bed ... my bed ... my ankles to be precise. Very strange thing to wake up to.  It. never. ends.


  1. I can almost smell the flowers... so pretty!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. Jennifer - I love hyacinths! We're finally going to get a Trader Joe's in Dallas, so I'll be looking for pretty flowers there. As for your puppy….it's like having a toddler. But wait - you already have one of those, right? Oh dear. Got your hands full.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Love it! Great job on the flowers....you inspired me to buy a fresh bouquet this weekend!


  4. Looking sooo beautiful and so agree, hyacinths are like the poster child for springs arrival, though we are due to get snow tomorrow so not so fast. I love everything in the blue and white...so pretty!! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. That is just beautiful. Trader joes is my go to for flowers.

  6. Sorry about your pee-pee puppy problem! (That was some SWEET alliteration, which I hope you appreciate :)

    Love love your floral displays, so pretty! Love the candles as well!

  7. Oh- I wish you could pipe the smell through, too. Hyacinths to feed tehe soul. xo Diana


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