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Happy Friday y'all! Ok, I need some input please.  As I've mentioned previously, I've been on an obsessive search for pretty, chintzy standard pillow shams for my bed that aren't $1,000.  As much as I'd love some Brunschwig & Fils all up in this business, I'm saving it for my big girl bedroom.  So yesterday, I made my way over to the Calico Corners down the street to see if I might finds some prettiness I could have made into pillow shams.

The Fruits of My Labor
 So I narrowed it down to two.

Pardon the lighting and glare.  I took the pictures this morning and the sun is all crazy in my eyes at this time of day.  This is pretty close to the light in this room for most of the day though.  I could open my shades, but I'm kind of lazy and I feel like the neighborhood can see in. Here's a closer look.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, our bed is this orangey redwood (maybe?) that my husband bought from his boss before we were married.  I used to think it "wasn't my style," but I also love a challenge and I'm thinking it will look fun next to a big floral.

Anyway, beyond that our walls are white (except for the grasscloth behind the bed) and we have almost no pattern or color in the room except for the Pine Cone Hill blanket at the end of the bed and the big Ralph Lauren sham you see in the middle of the two pillow choices.  I took off the three european pillow shams because I wanted to simplify the pillow situation that I have to deal with everyday (lots of pillows on a bed is great if you have someone to make your bed for you everyday or a little thing I used to have called energy).  I also eventually want to replace the lamps with pretty sconces, but that's for later.

Ok so here are the two choices again.

 The pillow on the left is called Millais in pistachio and is 100% Linen.

The pillow on the right is Charlotte Moss Claire and is a cotton linen blend.

One more time together:

My thought was to use the Charlotte Moss on the pillows and the Millaise as curtains for our big bay window because I really like both so much.  My husband thinks the Charlotte Moss is too "granny," but I told him what's old is new and "granny" is in.  I call it Fresh Granny.  Let me know what you think! It's okay to side with my husband.  It's also okay to hate both, but the rule is you have to offer up a suggestion, you can't just be a hater.


  1. There is nothing granny about Chintz and if it is by C. Moss, it is great! I would use the Chintz as the main fabric. Use it on both the shams and as drape. Use the other as accent, as a second drape,or a balloon shade under the chintz. And the Euro pillows on the bed. Beds should have, from headboard out, Euro sham,sleeping pillow, and decorative pillow sham. You would need 2 sets of pillows, 1 set for each side. Hope this helps

  2. I think the Charlotte Moss picks up the white and blue of the RL pillow better than the one on the left, but it does remind me of an RL sheet I had in the 80s or 90s (It may have been called Evelyn). So what I am saying is for me it looks too 1980s. The colors on the left are lovely and subtle, but I am not too crazy about figural prints -- at least not with people in them. Birds are OK. Maybe you could take another look at the one above with the birds on it. Or you could ignore me and your husband and pick what you love.

  3. Clearly the Charlotte Moss. CLEARLY.

  4. Full disclosure...I am a granny. That said, I love the Charlotte Moss and like Victoria, believe it picks up the blue and white of the RL pillow.

  5. I like the one on the left better but don't care for it with your euro...assume thats staying? The one on the right feels older and very familiar to me, but looks better with your current sham. I do love the left fabric and I think it would be stunning with the right "other shams" but if you are keeping the euro then I think the one on the right is a better match, only thing there "that blue" in the fabric? Its hard to tell, looks like you are on the right path though...and the looking is part of the fun!

  6. I ADORE the Millais!!!! That is gorgeous and I would use it for the shams AND the drapes. Gorgeous. I agree with the comment above though that it is not good with the more casual euro. This is just my taste, YOU have to be happy with the result. XO, Pinky

  7. I love the Charlotte but not with that sham; don't care for the other floral at all. Get what YOU can change out shams all day are the one who must live with the drapes for years probably. I couldn't look at that floral past 10 minutes, much less 10 years.
    Whatever choice you make will be perfect for you! And you are right to disregard his "granny" assertion. LOL! Good luck!!

  8. I like both fabrics, but i think the Millais matches your bed more and wall paper. What might look pretty is to use a blue milk paint on the bed and use a stain on top of it. It would look really good with the wall paper and the fabric. Cant wait to see what you end up doing.

  9. I think the Millais matches your bed and wall paper. The bed had that natural element look to it which is picked up by the linen fabric. Plus it pulls some of the colors from the backdrop. I also love the Charlotte floral but really like the other one better. ps...Is your hubby going to send me cash for taking his side?;>) just askin' xo Diana

  10. Well I think the Millais is the way to go it has that oriental feel that matches with the Ralph lauren middle cushion plus the colour goes better, but then on your top picture the fabric bottom left now thats nice & you could then do a plain curtain & have the fabric just on the bottom part & a little on the top.

    Sorry just a thought, but at the end of the day its your choice you have to wake up & snuggle down in that room so what ever choice you make hope you are happy with it all the best look forward to seeing what you decided :)


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