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House Beautiful

Before I bother you with more requests for advice, I wanted to share with you this gorgeous wall color I found whilst searching for colors for Edward's bathroom (we'll get there in a moment).  It's called Marylin's Dress by Benjamin Moore and I love it with the cream and lilac accents.  The overall prettiness of this room makes me infinitely happy.  

As happy as Oscar the Grouch makes Edward. 

Soo Happy!

So anyway, now that I have you in a happy place, I'm going to annoy you once again.  I ended up taking all of the pillow sham fabrics back to Calico Corners and walking out with nothing because I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted.  I decided to take a time-out from my search and move on to another project, which is Edward's bathroom.  

I bought this adorable shower curtain (Edward loves ducks and I love the scalloped border along the bottom).  

The eyes in the ducks are a dark teal color so I thought it'd be fun to go bold and paint the walls to match the eyes so I also picked up a sample pot of paint and got to work.  

Well, it's super dark and I hate it now after 10 hours.  It's just a tiny potty and tub area with a window and while dark sometimes works in small spaces, this one doesn't.  So now I'm off to try one or two more colors (that dark is going to be a Courtney from The Bachelor to cover up if you know what I mean) and if they don't work I'm just going to use some of our leftover Linen White and call it a success.  If y'all have any paint recs I'd love to hear them.  I'm usually incredibly decisive about what I like so all of this going back and forth is really stressing me out.  Oy Vey!

P.S.  Did anyone else cry when Kacie B. was in the limo? I did. I just wanted to give her the biggest hug! I've totally been there.  My sister-in-law saw her out in Nashville and talked to her for a bit and said she seemed fine and I don't need to be sad.  If you don't know what I'm talking about consider yourself highly evolved.  

P.P.S.  Crate and Barrel is going to take the coffee maker back.  The Cuisinart customer service told me that exotic coffee and Starbucks coffee beans clog it up, even though I used it once. I was using coffee from Hawaii.  I guess that's exotic? Whatevs.  


  1. Hi Jennifer- I love the ducky shower curtain. Is that cute, or what? I think the color is too dark, too. Linen White is always a go-to color for me, too. Even my hubby watched The Bachelor last had it pegged that he would dump her. Hubby thought it would Courtney. No..I think she will be one of the last two. She is just such a snot, isn't she? I did feel badly when Kacie got cut but I think he did not have a real connection with her parents. Wasn't her Dad the one that said...let her go soon if you aren't going to choose her in the end?

    Have a great Tuesday- xo Diana

  2. What a fun shower curtain! I am excited to see your paint experiment come to life, fingers crossed. Since I am a neutral kind of gal..cannot offer much advice on colors but something tells me you will get it just right!
    I only watched the Bachelor twice but enough to know Courtney is the
    "mean girl" I did not like her, and now a spoiler alert is telling me that shes engaged to him?? its true the nice girls finish last? Now I am intrigued and curious so will have to start watching it again!!!
    Glad the coffee maker is being exchanged, thats the least they can do, I was expecting them to make you a major shareholder or something for all that grief! LOL....and I had to laugh at the "exotic coffee" comment, are you kidding me? What are they expecting people to buy a Cuisinart to put cheap crap in it? Give me a break, Cuisinart!

  3. That is the cutest stinking shower curtain! I love it, esp. the scalloped edge. Darling!

    And the Marilyn's Dress paint color may be the perfect color for our bedroom. PERFECT.

  4. The shower curtain is great...creamy walls would look so fresh and clean...maybe you get find a cute graphic that would feature the teal. Good to know about the coffee maker and I say shame on Cuisinart for making a coffee maker that can't brew "exotic" and Starbucks coffee?!!!

  5. Adorable shower curtain!!!! Just Kilz the teal and you'll be back to the beginning kinda. UGH!!!!! Courtney makes my flesh crawl....for real...that weird thing she does with dragging her top lip down over her bottom lip at the end of every sentence is just STUPID & FAKE!!!!!! Poor Kaci B was my fave...probably too nice for a rube like Ben....I liked him fine until his eyes crossed over Courtney!! PLEASE, Ben, get a clue!!!!
    Glad they are taking back the coffeemaker...they ended to!

  6. I love the shower curtain but, yes, that color is WAY too dark:) I know you will come up with a good color though. How about a SOFT blue??? I love yellow and blue together. Saw The Bachelor too and felt bad for her but even SHE said after the family visit that her parents could have nixed it. Glad you got the coffee maker returned. XO, Pinky PD, Edward is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!


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