Another Obsessive Bedding Post

Ok, so no sooner did I hit publish on my bed pillow post from yesterday, when I came across another possible contender for my bedding situation.  It's never ending y'all.  It was this post over on House of Turquoise where guest blogger Amanda from Dixie Delights was showing some very impressive before and after pics of her home (seriously you must check it out) that I stopped on this image of her barstools.

So pretty right! The fabric is Chatelet Breeze and I'm in love with the background color.  I would bathe my whole room in that color if I could. Walls, floor, ceiling, windows ... everything.



= my idea of heaven 

While the price is great on the fabric, the minimum order is 25 yards, which I definitely don't need right now.  It may be worth it later on down the road.  Sooo the search continues.  I'm loving my all white bed at the moment.  Judging by the crickets yesterday, no one loves the basement pillows? It's ok, they look better in real life and they are only temporary until I can afford 25 yards of Chatelet Breeze or 5 yards of something real fancy.  

See the rest of Dixie Delight's guest post at House of Turquoise HERE (It's fabulous y'all!) 


  1. Oh - I love Dixie Delights blog. She has done such a beautiful job. I'm with you- this fabric is amazing and I LOVE the background color. xo Diana

  2. Sold! I love it, its the perfect blend of eleganc, old world, with just the right dose of freshness, and next to white...perfection! I must check out that post. I think this would look beautiful...why do you have to buy 25 yards? Haven't heard of that before! Best of luck and keep us posted on your bedding trials and tribulations:)

  3. I laughed out loud when I saw your post title... you're too funny! The fabric above is so pretty. I hope you can find a source that allows you to purchase a smaller quantity.
    Have a great day, Jennifer!
    ~ Wendi ~

  4. Check with Susie at Maddie Designs to see if she can get the fabric for you. I know she offers that service on her blog. Love love this combination. My favorite, the colors are so soft and soothing and very much like what is in my room, I do not have any pattern but the blues are similar. My bedroom is one of my fav rooms in the house. WE just ordered a new bed and I am right along with you on looking for bedding, so I totally understand your process. Good luck. I think Pink wallpaper also can get fabric for clients, check her out also!! xo Kathysue

    Susie:http: //


  5. I hope you can find it somewhere for less than 25 years because it's perfect!!! You could always sell the extra on ebay?

  6. I have NO idea how I ended up at your blog (you're on one site and then that leads to another and another) but I'm SO flattered. That fabric is GORGEOUS!! I really think it can make a room :-) Thanks so much for the sweet words. Amanda

    1. oh, and I'm your newest follower too :-)

  7. Pretty fabric, i am almost sure thats the fabric that a bedroom in a very quaint bed and breakfast used in Virginia that we were in last year. It looked exactly like that and it was so beautiful. I think you should try to get it in a smaller amount if possible.
    Good luck, its lovely.

  8. I saw her tour and I,too, fell IN LOVE with that fabric! It is gorgeous. Hope you can get an amount that you can use. XO, Pinky

  9. I love the fabric and the colors you have chose to go with it. Have you tried for smaller pieces? It is hit or miss, but I have had some luck. Joni at Cote de Texas recommended Lewis & Sheron Textiles. I found some lovely things there, but I do not know if they are the maker or the distributer. Their web address is Oh, and I love the monogrammed pillows as well, especially in that color.

  10. I love it! I need that paint color and those monogrammed pillows in my life.


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