Speaking of Color ... A Book You Need Now

Do any of y'all have this book?

Big, Easy Style: Creating Rooms You Love to Live In

The Suze gave it to me for my birthday in October and it's so fun! It's a collection of fun, gorgeous New Orleans interiors put together by actor/author/interior designer Bryan Batt (replace actor with pop star and you have my dream occupation).

Yes, that's Sal from Mad Men and my new future BFF

Edward keeps calling him "Dad," perhaps due to his great hair? Anyway, the book features tons of fun and elegant interiors and touches on the color vs. neutral conundrum that I was discussing in yesterday's post.  This book is definitely inspiring me to go for more color! 

The book has so many great tips, from his favorite paint colors to how to create a subtle mix of styles in your home. 

While most of the rooms are done by other interior designers, he does a fantastic job of describing why it works and what elements make it so fabulous. 

I love the fabric on those chairs and the pagoda tipped cornices on the windows. 

He shares his favorite haunts in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans.  I bookmarked that page, duh.  He and his partner own a store in New Orleans called Hazlenut that I will definitely have to visit next time I'm there. 

In the book he talks about his first big, boy purchase - a gorgeous armoire and there's a picture of him hugging it.  I totally get hugging a piece of furniture, especially a beautiful armoire. 

As I read Big, Easy Style, the Bachelor Ben Flajnik's voice invaded my inner monologue as I said to myself, "I like where this is going.  I like the vibe here. I like it. I like it. I like it."

Not only are there so many gorgeous and fun interiors, but I'm actually inspired to read the words.  I never usually read design books, but the images in this one have me wanting to learn more, especially with sections titled, Absinthe Makes My Bar Grow Fonder.

Basically, I'm inspired by this book to have more fun.  I mean, I'm fun.  I want my house to reflect that.  This book is a great guide for how to do that.  Now I'm off to find some hot pink velvet, clearly something I need.


  1. Oh...doncha love it? I love it all. I want those pillows that are on that sofa! xo Diana

  2. This looks like a great book for inspiration! Good luck with your adventure in adding more 'fun' to your home!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. Thanks for the heads up, will add it to my ever growing Amazon list.....looks like a winner! If you say its good, I know its good:)

    1. Love all these images. I had to go back up a couple of times to look again at these pictures. Great post.

  4. Oh no....just preordered a book yesterday and looks like I'll be ordering another today...looks too good to pass up! Thanks for the review!

  5. Must see if I can find it online, looks like a must have!

  6. Looks like a must-have! I just put it on my Amazon list.

  7. Ok. I WANT it. This looks AWESOME! Fun,fun looking book, fun, fun post! I'd want to read about Absinthe too! I'm going to linky you on my Friday Cool Stuff List!

    Ok speaking of color, my mom and my husband managed to talk me into the West Elm Henry Arm chair in Maple/Flax Ikat. It is RED. Hasn't come yet. I have NEVER owned anything so bold before. I wanted it in the black & white paisley pattern but my husband deemed it too granny. I look at nothing but grey skies for 10 months out of the year and something in me snapped and I decided WHAT THE HEY, let's go crazy and make our family room THE ROOM O' FUN. Be bold or go home right? That's what I'm trying to convince myself.

  8. Beautiful photos. I think that chandelier fit for my condo in Philippines. :)


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