Happy (Belated) Birthday Belclaire House!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get it together.  "It" being all-encompassing.  Everything.  Haaa! And then I go and miss my own baby bloggy's 1st birthday! In all fairness to me, I was out of the country with no internet access on January 6th, but I could have probably pre-planned a post for that special day.  Oh well, c'est la vie!  So to make it up to Belclaire House and my readers I thought I'd do another Dream House tour.  I think y'all will like this one.


I still dream of a white house with black shutters ...

but I would love to build a house inspired by the work of famed Atlanta architect Philip Shutze, for whom my loyal readers know I have a special affinity.

Philip Shutze House 


Beautiful blue and white and a wrought iron staircase to greet my guests. (Those look like my wedding flowers!

Joseph Minton

Joseph Minton
Dining Room

I love this light-filled dining room designed by one of my favorite designers Cathy Kincaid.

Cathy Kincaid

Living Room 

I'm so inspired by the details in this elegant living room from Southern Accents.  The screen, the jaguar print chair, the pleated lampshade and antique lamp.

Amelia Handegan 
more jaguar ("raahhhh," says Edward as he looks at this picture)

I want to actually use my living room and I'm pretty sure if I had a coffee table like this one in Aerin Lauder's country home, I would insist on showing it off.  



I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I don't like to be alone.  I'd love to have an open, elegant eat-in kitchen for small get-togethers.
via Cote De Texas

I'm also having a grey cabinet moment.  I love the idea of pale gray cabinets, brass hardware and marble countertops.
via Remodelista

via Decor de Provence

BUT, but but, then I remember Mark D. Sikes' kitchen in House Beautiful and I'm literally like "psyche! just kidding! gimme that purdy white kitchen." 

Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes

Powder Room 

Speaking of Mr. Sikes, I will also take his blue and white powder room too thank you.

Mark D. Sikes

A Place to Blog 

Just a spot.  This would be lovely.

Michael Smith via Mark D. Sikes 

Laundry Room 

Prettiness to trick myself into liking the chore.


Inspired once again by Aerin Lauder's country house. She's a member of the blue and white brigade and therefore a friend in my head. 


Guest Bedroom 

Twin beds and books and a soft serene palette for my friends and family to relax.

Carol Curtis and Sarah Norwood

Edward's Room

Still dream of a Robertson Tartan inspired bedroom for little Edward.  I  love the dark walls and daybed in this picture.  Also, Edward will require his golden best friend on the bed (he currently refers to them as "deegs" - he is also sitting on her head as I type this)

Master Bedroom 

Another fabulous bedroom by Cathy Kincaid. The embroidered Chelsea Editions fabric on the canopy and window treatments is amazing and I love the white hand painted chinoiserie on the walls.  I would never wake up on the wrong side of the bed in this room!

Master Bathroom 

I saw this master bathroom on The Enchanted Home the other day a fell in love.  It would certainly be my sanctuary after a long day of pressing the cookie monster "me want cookie. nom nom nom nom nom" button 657 times in a row. (I will need a little TV in there to watch The Bachelor)

Pool Party 

And finally, since I live in a Slim Aarons world in my head, should my dream home actually come to fruition, you are all invited to a pool party in my backyard.  But really you are.  I mean, I'll have security for any crazies, but I can't imagine anybody that I'd rather invite to my housewarming celebration than y'all (except maybe Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson).

I hope you enjoyed my Dream Home tour! I could have looked back at all my favorite posts, but honestly, I rarely post something I don't absolutely love.  If I'm feeling uninspired, I take the day off rather than give you something that leaves me feeling just ok.  I started this blog as way to archive things I love and share them with my mom, The Suze, and anyone else who might join us along the way.  In the last year, I've been humbled by the people who read Belclaire House.  My friends who take the time to comment give me bursts of happiness throughout the day, and I hope you know how grateful I am for you!  My hope for this year is that I continue to be inspired and expand myself creatively. It's harder to write this blog than it was a year ago (the munchkin man sleeps a lot a lot less than he did when he was 3 months old), but I'm determined to make it work.  I'm still not sure where Belclaire House will ultimately lead me, but I like where I'm going and I'm happy to patiently enjoy the ride. Thanks for a great year y'all!

{See my very first post here}


  1. yes!! That would be my dream house too!
    Lovely pictures.
    I hope you had a blast in Costa Rica.

  2. Hey Jennifer, well since your dream house passes muster, please book me for a weekend next month, I will bring champange and all the ingredients necessary for a yummy spaghtetti dinner and promise me we will spends loads of time outside in that swell backyard of yours! In fact I think I might even want to stay in the pool house:) Many of those rooms are some of my all time faves...we both know great minds think alike..lol. Congrats on one year! I didn't realize we started at almost the same time......cheers to many more blissful blogging years!

  3. Congatulations on your 1 yr anniversary, Jennifer! You've created a BEAUTIFUL dream home... hope all of your dreams come true some day!
    ~ Wendi ~

  4. What a gorgeous dream house tour! Congrats on your one year anniversary and I hope you have many more here- xo Diana

  5. I loved your dream tour. I can totally relate, love the images you chose.Our dream homes might look a lot alike.

  6. Your entire look of your respective kitchen along with bathroom may come to a refreshing change and appear along with kitchen countertops.

  7. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I love your dream house, it would be hard to leave if such a house existed.

  8. These images are stunning. I especially love the Joseph Minton blue and white entry. Congratulations on your first year.
    All the best...Victoria

  9. So many rooms here that I love. I'm a nut for blue, too! I always enjoy your posts, and I just read your very first one--- so cute! Happy Blogiversary!

  10. I've only recently discovered your blog and I just love it. Happy 1st birthday to you!!

  11. Hi,

    I collect blue and white china and came across your blog through Pinterest, while preparing a post for my own blog on "Blue and White". You have a gorgeous blog, I have just added myself as a follower and on your networked blogs.

    I love all your images and will pop back with a cup of tea later to look through more of your posts.

    Lee ☺

  12. Excellent and very exciting site. Love to watch. Keep Rocking.


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