Charlotte Moss for Calico Corners

Morning y'all! The massive closet clean-out is going so well, I might even have to go out and buy myself some new clothes ;) But really, I do need some new clothes.  It's been about two years since I last fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and some of them just seem old and out of style.

When it comes to shopping, I very much prefer shopping for my home to shopping for myself.  So yesterday, in the midst of my closet clean-out, I realized I needed more coffee, so where did I go?  Calico Corners, of course, to check for some new fabrics.  (That's pretty much how my brain works y'all)  I love playing in fabric stores.  Any kind.  Anywhere.  It's a happy place for me.

Anyway, I had no idea Charlotte Moss created a collection of fabrics for Calico Corners! Y'all know she's one of my faves and it's nice to see some prettiness available to us wee folk.

Here are some of my favorites: 

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Harriet (Mist)

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Sarah (Bluebell) 

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Claire (Fairblanca)

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Gertrude (Bluebell)

I want to use this next one in my bedroom:

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Freya (Blue)

And this one would be cute in our powder room.

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Caroline (Pool)

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Isabel (Camelia)

Charlotte Moss Fabrics - Charlotte (Mist)

Pretty right? Ok off to my closet to finish the great purge. Have a lovely day y'all!

* You can see more of Charlotte Moss Fabrics for Calico Corners here.


  1. Colors look so soft and pretty! I would expect nothing less from the great Charlotte Moss!

  2. I had seen them and my sister in law actually use one of her fabrics to do beautiful window treatments in her bedroom and bathroom. Its a pretty line, and the prices are very fair. I like the ones you selected. Haven't been to a Calico in a long time, thanks for the reminder.

  3. No I didn't know that! Love the last 3, good to know. I haven't been to Calico coners in so long, I didn't know they were even still around, good to know though because I like what I see.....

  4. pretty! and wonderful timing, i need to recover my chaise

    1. I didn't realize Calico Corner fabrics had her fabric. They are very pretty.


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