The Big Clean

Lisa Sherry in Lonny Magazine
The above image is really only relevant to this post in that I would rather be cozying up in a lovely nook with a book than doing anything that I'm supposed to be doing.  I love the black and white spotted pillow, the small framed portrait to keep you company, the way the shelves are styled and the blue and white jar against the black walls.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get it together.  Because despite the image of organized bliss that I portray (what? no?), I, in fact, have nothing together.  As I write this post I'm trying to move my Christmas decorations into their respective boxes with my mind.  I'm also trying to will my laundry to do itself.  None of it's working for me.  The following are images that inspire me to get it together and get organized.  They're all from my new Pin Board appropriately titled Get It Together.

I once read an interview with Charlotte Moss where she was asked, what is ugly.  Her response, bad housekeeping.  Gulp!  Soo in an effort to get my life and my house together, I'm going to share with you a giant list of things I'm going to clean out.  I figure if I put it out there, y'all can hold me accountable.  I mean, I'm not going to do any of it today obviously ;)

Laundry Room Cabinets 
Utensil Drawer 
Junk Drawers 
TV Shelves 
Under the Sink 
Spice Cupboard 
China Closet 
Guest Bedroom Closet 
Playroom Closet 
Coat Closet 
Linen Closet 
My Closet 
Edward's Closet 
My Nightstand 
My General Side of the Bed Area 
Make-Up Bag 
Master Bath Drawers 
My Dresser Drawers 
Den Bookshelves 
Edward's Cabinet in the Kitchen 
Edward's Dresser 
Edward's Changing Table 
Bed in Edward's Room 

Oy Vey! I'm exhausted just typing that.  Hopefully, I can cross one of these off every two days or so and be finished by spring.  Baby steps y'all.  Let The Big Clean begin! 


  1. Everybody's in a cleaning and organizing mode! Good luck with your list... baby steps... you'll get it done in time!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. Charlotte Moss said it, didn't she?!? I am working on organizing this year, too. It is my BIG goal! xo Diana

  3. Just get through 1 at a time! I did my fridge...and for 3 girls all living together it was embarrassing. So gross and so glad I didn't wait another day to do it!


  4. I am doing the same ting. Our daughter and SIL are moving in temporarily while their new house is being built so I have been cleaning, organizing and purging! It feels SOOOO good! Take it one step at a time. It'll get done. XO, Pinky

  5. LOL. You do have a very long list...maybe you could divide and conquer by just tackling 1/4 of the list January-March...and so on. Love your inspiration photos, but I'm with you, starting with the black and white nook would derail me too! I'd want to curl up with a book and tea.

  6. Wow thats quite an ambitious list! Take it one item at a time...and as soon as you start checking things off you are going to get a major high and will get through that list faster than you can say "spic and span"....good luck, many of these "organizational activities' are on my list too:) And I think you have lots of company!

  7. We are all in the same boat with you. Yesterday was the start of my walk-in closet purge, I did all my sweathers, blouses, etc, Today was purses and shoes. I got all the shoes purged, 19 pairs are now no longer in my closet, Yay!!! Tomorrow is purses, that will be a little harder for me, I love purses!! I have done a couple of post on my purging process and analyzing why I don't purge enough in order to keep it neat and tidy after I am done with the whole process. I am discovering some things about myself and the readers comments have really been helpful. If you have a chance you might enjoy the post since you are in the same mode I am in!! Good luck with your list!! Just chip away one task at a time, you can do it, I know you can!!!

  8. Love the image with the chartreuse boxes and violet cup! Since I rarely have time to devote masses of time to organizing, but I love to be organized, I'm a mini-organizer. I do one mini area every day- a drawer, a shelf, a corner of the garage. It's painless and wildly effective.

    1. Love the images you found. I started to clean and organize today. It will take me a month to get organized after my daughters wedding. We gave you the blog on fire award. We will be posting it on Monday!

  9. dude. this is so where i am right now. every january i clean out every drawer and closet in my house. it is blissful.

    i am going to your pinboard right now bc this is so happening.


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