Heather's Home Office Mood Board

First of all, this is my first mood board! I know right? I can't believe I haven't done one before.  I don't know why.  I see them all the time on other people's blogs and I like when they do them.  I guess I doubted my technical ability, which is 'turded because I was an advertising major and worked with such crazy software as Quark (do they still use that?). Anyway, I'm a little Charlie Sheen manic at the moment as I have just finished my first mood board and I'm all "Ohmygosh this is so much fun! I'm going to be crazy mood board lady now."

Ok, so Heather and her man share an awesome house in Chicago (not an apartment, a house).  They've done a super great job decorating it to be a sort of nautical, beachy retreat in the city.  As I mentioned earlier, he's a sailor and loves blue and white. She's a corporate event coordinator for the University of Chicago about to launch her side business as a wedding planner.  They have an open basement that she plans on making into her home office and has asked for some ideas.

These were her demands requests: calming, man friendly, a highboy table with stools and backs,  plasma screen over the fireplace, different shades of blue, silver as the accent color.

I've only seen the room once so I'm probably grossly over-estimating the floor space, but I do remember there were terra cotta tile floors.  I'm told the walls are now a grayish blue.  

Here's what I came up with!

Desk Area

Gold screen + black lacquer desk + blue & white chinoiserie lamp + slipcovered chair with awesome spotted pillow + seagrass rug + toile wastebasket {sources here}

So I sort of ignored Heather's request for silver accents (sorry Tushy), but I felt like it was competing with the terra cotta and I couldn't make it work so I went gold.   

Highboy Table Area 

dhurrie striped rug + round pub table + rattan chair stools + nautical map + nautical brass pendant + gorgeous bowl centerpiece {sources here}

Living Area 

dhurrie rug + simple white sofa + black and white kelly wearstler pillows + x side table + oval ring side table + concentric coffee table + mustard side chair {sources here}
So that's it! My first mood board(s).  I'm officially obsessed.  Hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did.  

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Also, if you're in Chicago and need a wedding planner, my friend Heather is excellent.  She hasn't officially launched her business, but she's already doing work on the side.  Send me an email if you're interested and I'll put you in contact with her! 

A Refreshing, Traditional Southampton Home

While browsing the internet yesterday, looking for banquette inspiration, I came across this lovely, traditional Southampton home in House Beautiful.  This cozy family home was designed by Markham Roberts, and while the blue and white initially caught my eye, it's the traditional but fresh style that kept my attention.  Lately, I've been so overwhelmed with the contemporary bright colors and bold patterns that I'm finding myself seeking out the opposite.  I think this is a great example of how to take classical elements and make them fresh.

I love the green tufted chaises next to the fireplace 

The sisal rugs and mirror are hand stenciled.  I also love that built-in bookcase is lifted off the ground, which keeps the hallway from feeling cramped,

I love the fresh look of the fern prints and the wide-planked wood floors.  (Trivia: The Suze had a fern print couch when we were little.  It will be making an appearance here soon) 

Another  cozy banquette 

The little girl's room is very traditional with an adorable 19th century child's slipper chair 

My kind of master bedroom in blue and white. 

Guest bedroom - I love the upholstered chair with the contrasting dark buttons and piping and ruffled skirt

Another cozy banquette on the sunporch, the perfect place for me to take a nap.  I love the shades , too.
For more of this lovely home and the accompanying article in House Beautiful, click here.

Banquette Love

I love banquette seating especially in a kitchen nook. (It's no secret I love nooks)  I love the idea of being able to squeeze next my honey over Sunday breakfast. Here's some inspirational breakfast nookie for you today.

Jackye Lanham
Sara Gilbane 
My Home Ideas
Steven Gambrel

Melissa Warner via La Dolce Vita

via Life and Style: A to Z

Traditional Home 
Katie Stassi via Cote de Texas

via DecorPad

Lonny Magazine 

House Beautiful 

French Country Chic in D Home

Growing up in Highland Park, Texas, I've been privy to some of the most beautiful, tasteful homes I've ever seen, many of which will never end up on the pages of a magazine, but easily could.  I always get excited and inspired when I get a glimpse of interiors from my hometown. There's just something about the way they do things down there.

I don't know the couple in this D Magazine article so it might get awkward when I show up at their house and ask to sleep in their guest room for a couple nights.

Or read a book from start to finish in their special guest sitting room 

Or get bombed next to this fabulous "martini niche" as the magazine calls it (loves it)

I need an acrylic bar cart stat 
And pass out in their backyard as they look out disapprovingly from their amazing windows.

Just kidding. I would never be so inappropriate.  For more of this lovely Dallas home see HERE.

Photography by Stephen Karlisch 

In defense of Keep Calm and Carry On

There's an interesting discussion going on over at Little Green Notebook questioning whether or not design bloggers and long-time blog readers are overexposed to design.  One of the examples many of the commenters used is the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.  Almost everyone on the blogosphere will agree that this has been used and over-used and many are tired of seeing it.

As seen in my nursery 
In fact, I was a little self-conscious about posting the photos of my nursery that had the poster in it (I even made a defensive comment about it in the captions).  I was afraid the cool kids might not take me seriously.  So Junior High right?

Grant K. Gibson used it for the teen's bathroom in the Elle Decor showhouse 
Then I remembered, I am neither cool nor a designer, and I like the poster.  When it's 3 a.m. and you're baby has just vomited all over you after you changed three diapers in a row, as your husband snores in the next room, it is perfect advice.  Also, everybody that visits my nursery singles that poster out as something they love in the room.  It still makes a great gift for friends and it's a cute way to add some color to the room. 

As seen in this kitchen in House Beautiful 
I think, perhaps, the reason people bloggers are so sick of it, is because it is everywhere.  It's a curious case of something that is in the public domain because the copyright has expired and thus anyone is free to use it and profit from it.  I will admit, I sometimes groan when I see it on design blogs, but strangely it doesn't seem to bother me when I see it in my own home.  It makes me happy.  

A cute variation for a children's birthday party via Hostess with the Mostess 
So I will unapologetically keep the tired old poster up in the nursery and thirty years from now when the trend has recycled for the third time, I can look back at pictures of my little boy's nursery and remember how cool I was.  I'm going to love it for like ever

Ok enough with the beds right?


Sorry, I'm in a weird mood.  Anyhoo, I keep seeing posts about this house from Elle Decor by Steven Gambrel.  I really like this headboard. Very Pretty.

and just so you don't get sick of me and my bed obsession, here are two more lovely images from the same house that aren't bedrooms.

Ashley Whittaker Bedroom

I came across this bedroom by Ashley Whittaker  while browsing her portfolio and thought, wouldn't it be nice to have such a clean space?  Obviously, I love the room for it's blue and whiteness and very cozy looking bed that's calling my name (people who read this blog probably think I'm the laziest, I'm not, I'm just mourning the sleep I once took for granted pre-bebe).  Anyway, my house is somehow a complete disaster today and it would be nice to have a beautiful photo-shoot ready room that doesn't have dog hair and spit-up clothes strewn about.  It may be a four-cup-of-coffee-morning today to get me moving and cleaning.  Perhaps, I shall put on the Justin Bieber collection that I shamelessly purchased after seeing his movie (which was awesome btw...I'm now a Belieber) and dance my house clean.

Lovely Bedroom Nook

How cozy is this niche bed complete with drapes behind which one can tuck away and hide?

The best part is the door in the nook that leads to ladies room.  This means I could conceivably get there by just rolling over.  I find this to be truly brilliant for my brand of laziness.

Have a lovely weekend y'all!

{Please pardon the less than stellar quality of this image.  My scanner is bunk.}

Image from Blue and White Living by Stephanie Hoppen.  
Photography by Fritz von der Schulenburg

Striped Awnings

This is a house with my neighborhood with striped awnings that I've admired for awhile.  I'm thinking we may need to do something like this on the back of our house.  The Suze loves awnings too as you will remember here

It was 75 degrees today and I literally walked around the neighborhood for over an hour.  My hooves are tired, but it felt so good just to be outside.  I wanted to take a bunch of pictures of houses and such in my neighborhood, but on a day like today errbody is outside and I didn't want to be too much of a creep.  Luckily, I had my child and my dog with me to act as pretend subjects in the event that I got busted.

I generally organize my walks so I can walk past houses that please me.  My neighborhood is very 1970s in architecture, which is not so much my style but I've found a few gems I like.  This one in particular.  Hopefully, I can bring you more pictures on the one day it is nice again in March.

Pretty Painted Drawers

via Brabourne Farm 
If I ever get the urge to paint a chest of drawers (you'd be surprised how often that actually happens to me), I'd like to do something like this.


I absolutely love this vanity I found on Matters of Style. I love the skirt, the framing on the drawers  and the pretty silver picture frames.  This is for sure going in my Dream Home file.  I've always wanted a vanity, a place to sit and do my make-up in peace while pretending I'm a rich movie star.  I love doing my make-up*.  I find process of transformation very relaxing so having a lovely little place devoted to my beauty rituals would be another ultimate luxury for me. 

*When I was little, my mom did my make-up for the first time. When she turned me around to look in the mirror, I started crying because I couldn't believe how beautiful I looked.  Seriously. What a piece of work right? The Suze often played to my vanity as a child by telling me that eating my vegetables would give me shiny hair or eating the crust would make my cheeks rosy.  It worked too! I was actually pretty vain as a little girl until I went careening into the awkward stage, thus forcing me to develop my stellar personality.  

For a great DIY tutorial on how to create a sink skirt for your bathroom, visit here.  


visit my new blog friend Danika over at Gorgeous Shiny Things to see her amazing guest room transformation! Here's a sneak peak:

She stenciled these walls herself! 

Love the chevron doors!

This is inspiring me to do more fun projects around my house.  I've done stripes in my nursery, which made me feel very cool about myself.  Now I feel like an amateur.  I really need to chevron something stat.  

For more of this fabulous fun space click HERE.