Only in my dreams ...

... as real as it may seeeeem, it was only in my dreams.  Do y'all remember that Debbie Gibson song?  The one where she's on a bed on the beach, but she's wearing like old man pajamas as opposed to the barely there negligees of today's tween popstars.  I was a huge Debbie Gibson fan so it's no surprise that when I see beautiful homes like this, my head fills with bubblegum pop of yesteryear.  Ok, maybe it's a little bit random.

Anyway, this gorgeous home comes from the same 2005 Southern Accents issue as yesterday's post and it is just so beautiful I had to share it.  Again, sorry for the image quality.  It's, of course, a New Orleans home (I'm still convinced the fancy New Orleans homes are some of the most beautiful in our country) and it looks like its straight out of a Dickens novel.

That dining room might be one of my favorite dining rooms I've ever seen.  My heart is racing over those burl wood Queen Anne chairs.  RACING.


  1. I have this issue and this is one of my all time faves too!!!!! Great minds think alike and if you are going to dream, might as well go all the way! So agree about New Orleans having some of the most beautiful homes.....and since I have family from that area, I take that as a compliment (and they DO have some goregous homes)!! Back to the salt mines (kitchen aka slave quarters where I have been working ALL DAY LONG)!

  2. I remember seeing this house in Southern Accents and wondering if it survived Katrina. Hope it did...


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