Hanukkah Table Setting

Morning Y'all! I was looking through some of The Suze's old holiday issues of Southern Accents and I came across this gorgeous Hanukkah Table setting by Dallas' own floral designer Carol Garner.

She made her own menorah centerpiece after she couldn't find one low enough not to interfere with conversation.  Each of the candles is set in a quartz candleholder and surrounded with gardenias, white and purple roses, blue and purple New Zealand hydrangeas, and viburnum berries.  

With traditional Hanukkah colors being blue, white and silver there is so much potential for prettiness all around (in my humble blue and white loving opinion).  I love the gorgeous stemware she used.

So pretty!

Fact: as a child I thought Hanukkah meant Santa visited my Jewish friends 8 nights instead of one big night.  I don't think I ever ran it by anyone (I was sort of a know-it-all) so I probably assumed that longer than I should have.  I couldn't decide which was a better deal.  On the one hand, they got 8 nights of Christmas, but their presents were probably apportioned accordingly.  On the other hand, not getting all of your presents at once would be an exercise in serious self-control for me.  Kind of like the advent calender full of chocolate.  I never made it to Christmas.  There was always one fateful day where I could be found, under my bed with all of the chocolate wise men stuffed in my mouth. Shame spiral.

Anyway, the child pyro in me was also jealous of the nightly candle lighting.  Who didn't love to light and blow out candles as a kid.  That's when I would have ruined Hanukkah.  I would have secretly been lighting and blowing out the candles on the menorah when no one was looking.  No self control.

Here are some really pretty menorahs I found on this etsy shop called artnharmony58. She sells her own designs as well as vintage items.

I also saw this chic and modern menorah in Oprah's favorite things issue (I miss her).

Ascalon Menorah - Design Within Reach 

And, of course, we can't forget Jonathan Adler's peacock menorah!
Hope everyone has a lovely day! 



  1. Shalom Jennifer you made me smile about the advent calendar my son has 2 on the go, each morning as he awakes not even opened his eyes properly he goes straight to the fridge (33 deg & 80% humidity here) to open his windows & get his chocks hee so I know one of my family members would not be able to contain himself either :)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. every detail. XO, Mona


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