Edward's Playroom!

Well, I did it before 2012 so that's a win for me! I also did it on a teeny tiny budget.  I don't know exactly how much but, like, a couple hundred dolla bills maybe?.  Yeah me! Unfortunately, I spilled an entire sippy cup of water in my diaper bag, which resulted in the loss of a camera, so all I can offer at the moment are iPhone pics.

Ok so here's what we have so far in this room o' playtime. 

Clearly, Edward is a gentleman and a scholar.  His playroom has sort of a preppy dorm room/circus vibe, which is pretty fitting if you've ever met him.  He will run around the house screaming about tigers, stop and browse his book collection for a few moments, then sit on the dog's head.  Just day in the life of a one year old. 

We ended up painting the room Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee, which is a really great off-white.  Edward's future big boy bed is simple at the moment.  I'd like to get a big tartan throw for the end of the bed.  The oversized blanket covering the bed is a Wamsutta Dream Zone blanket that was on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond and it's pretty much the softest thing ever.  Kip and I keep calling dibs on a nap in there, but it has yet to happen for either of us.  

The gallery wall has a picture of the Robertson Tartan with the family crest, a picture of a barn that has a special connection to my grandmother, a cover of The New Yorker that my brother gave me when I moved to New York, a drawing of the Governor's mansion in Jefferson City, MO and finally a framed sample of this Ralph Lauren wallpaper that I'm obsessed with.  It will be fun to explain the meaning of these pictures to him someday.

 Oh heyy Edward! Shelves are from Target.  Nothing fancy.  I want built-ins, but these are fine for now.

Here you can get a better view of the pelmet box I made using this tutorial from the Little Green Notebook blog.  Follow that tutorial before you ask me how I made it because I did some weird stuff to make that happen.  The shape is Miles Redd inspired.  I painted the stripes using Martha Stewart craft paint in Tartan Red.

I took this picture earlier, hence the mess, and the dog 

Elliot the Elephant wearing his trusty Abe Lincoln hat.

I can't even begin to tell you how delicious the Farrow & Ball Hague Blue paint is on the armoire. The picture doesn't do it justice. Like at all.  It's so yummy.  I still need to paint the inside of the dresser.  I'm thinking of doing an orangey red or finding a fun wallpaper.

I replaced the knobs with these burnt horn knobs from Anthropologie.

Who remembers the Fisher-Price record players? I had one when I was little.  I'm glad Edward will get to have one too! Thank you to my mother-in-law for finding one for us to play all of Kip's old records.

Here's a waay before picture (like before I moved in).  I can't find the picture I took of the room when it was storage for all of our stuff, but it's pretty embarrassing (like Hoarders quality) so it's probably better that way. 

My dog is obsessed with being famous

And after: 

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!  It has always been my dream to give my child a playroom so it's very exciting for me to see it come to fruition.

BTdubs, has anybody gotten the new issue of Elle Decor.  Aside from all-around awesomeness, yours truly is in the issue!

Ha! Ok, I'm pretty much the most famous person ever now.  I know.  I won't let it go to my head.  Now all I need is a tweet shout-out from Justin Bieber and I'll be set.

And finally, I'd like to take a moment to wish a Happy Birthday to Miss Britney Jean Spears! Love you best friend in my head!

Have a fabulous weekend folks!


  1. Your preppy, circus, book scholar loving little guy looks like he loves and approves of his new "digs"! Happy to see it..it looks great, LOVE your paint color choice for the armoire, the gallery wall is amazing and I love that each framed piece has a special meaning behind it...you can keep on adding, which is so nice. Fun and kid friendly window treatment but still sophisticated, and love his 'library" of books...I mean seriously I am glad you did this, lets not forget this is for a little guy who at one besdies being a scholar also writes guest blog posts for him mommy....hellloooooooo!

  2. It came out fantastic. I am in love with that R.L. framed fabric to. I have got to say, not bad for an i phone picture. My hubby is a professional photographer. A helpful hint... take pictures when it is over cast or right before sun down. That way you wont be fighting with the glare.

  3. What a perfect space...we are remodeling and I cannot wait until we move back in and my kids (1 and 3) have a playroom! BTW, we live the next block over from Belclaire!

  4. Edward is a very lucky boy - it turned out awesome.

    p.s. what is it with dogs trying to be in pics? mine does the same thing!


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