Christmas Pretties

Ahhhh heyyyy y'all! I don't know if you remember me, but I write this blog.  I know, I haven't been gone that long, and I've been known to skip a day here and there, but two days plus the weekend feels like forever! Wednesday night my husband and I were struck with the plague.  The PLAGUE.  Like I get why people sometimes think the devil invades your body.  It was pure evil kicking me in my soft delicate little belly.

If there's anything worse than having the stomach-flu, it's having the stomach-flu at the same time as your husband.  Because husbands are babies, and babies are babies, so I had two babies on my hands.  Luckily, Edward did not get it so he had the run of the house for the day while Kip and I rolled around the floor moaning trying to convince each other that we were the sickest.  (In Kip's defense, he was the sickest).  On the bright-side, I very much enjoyed all of the post-stomach flu compliments I received on my weight loss.

To make up for my absence, here are some pretties from my Pinterest board called The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  This week is all about Christmas! 

* The red barn image is actually a print you can buy here.  I love barns and this one is so lovely!
**  Can we talk for a second about Aerin Lauder and how she can do no wrong?! That last image is her Christmas table setting from House & Garden.  You can see more here.  She's just so effortlessly awesome and AND she's a blue and white gal! I love her. LOVE her.

Okay, here's a few of Edward.  We managed to conjure up enough energy to have brunch with Santa, except Santa was a bit of a diva and wanted the kids to wait two hours after brunch to sit on his lap and open their presents.  Edward's nap schedule had other ideas.  But we got a few cute pictures of him amongst the presents (with my iPhone because I'm still cameraless) and we can always see Santa another time.


  1. You poor thing! Hope you are better now? Geez..that stinks, especially losing out on 3 days THIS time of year! And how big and noble of you to admit Kip was the sickest. So had me laughing over that scene, I could so see it and sounds like something me and my husband would be debating about, even at our sickest, who has it worse! Then to think the curious monkey had run of the house......did he open some Christmas presents? He is sooo his little outfit, doesn't everything look 10x cuter when in that size?
    Last those images....yes all gorgeous, that first house is just breathtaking! And agree about AL, love her effortless classic style, she has fabulous taste and I am a fan too. (it doesnt' hurt that she also loves blue and white)
    Feel better!!

  2. Edward is so adorable! I love the Pinterest images. The one with the red barn is my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you and hubby are feeling better!

  3. You poor thing! I hate the flu! I can relate about the devil taking over your body. I am in love with the barn image.. It is stunning. Have a Merry Christmas..

  4. Hope you are felling better & can enjoy christmas Jennifer! :)


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