Christmas Cookie Fail

Ok y'all, I have to be honest.  I'm not the best baker.  I'm a semi-awesome cook, but I do not have a natural feel for baking.  So you'll remember yesterday I was all, "Lalala I'm going to bake cookies and watch White Christmas." I had this image of being all chic and cute and making the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe for my mom's group cookie exchange. I could be all like, "Neimans started in Dallas so this is just a little piece of me for y'all here in Kansas City." Um no.  I don't know why I even front.  I'm a huge spaz.

This is what I imagined in my head:

This is what I got:

I mean, really? I can't even... Some of it was caramelized so I couldn't scrape them up. Whatevs. I'm over it. Just keepin' it real y'all.  I in no way blame the cookie recipe so don't go telling Neimans about this people.  I ruin slice and bake cookies.

I promise I'll be back with more gift ideas tomorrow.  I need a timeout.  Baking makes me feel inadequate and I need to get my self-esteem back.


  1. Jennifer- I have SOOO had days like that. I gotta tell you though-when I saw this post I laughed RIGHT OUT LOUD like a lunatic...and it's the first time I laughed today (I think-I am so tired I can't remember) xo Diana

  2. I'm a great cook (room for creativity) but am really not into baking (it's too precise). Cousin connection?

    Lisa :)

  3. Do you how many baking disasters I have had? Including my epic marshmallow and yam meltdown in the oven on Thanksgiving day? I too, if I may say so myself am a great cook but lets just say I like baking more than baking likes me. And heck, its a lot easier to stroll into a yummy smelling bakery and just pick up something where the works already been done!! But I do make good cookies, thats about as far as my baking goes......keep on truckin you can do it!

  4. You poor thing. Costco has some great cookies.
    Buy them.
    Take them out of there wrapper
    Put them on a plate.
    No one will know! Easiest recipe I know!

  5. Oh No!! At least you tried, you poor thing!! I give you an A for effort. don't let this ruin your Falala ♪♫♪♫
    merry Christmas,


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