Suzeday Tuesday: Bedroom Loveliness & Some Genius Storage ... for those still living in 1992

Helloo y'all! Finally a Suzeday Tuesday for you.  These bedrooms are all very lovely.  I especially love the first one.  Also, for anybody who doesn't have a flat screen, there are some great tips for hiding those giant boxy televisions circa 1992.  I would laugh, but when I met my husband in 2005, I had a tiny white TV in my apartment that weighed about 55 lbs.  He could not understand how I could live with something so ridiculous, but the white matched my apartment.  He literally went over to his grandparents and found a giant TV in their basement and brought it to me "to borrow" until, well, I guess until we broke up or got married.  Good thing we got married because that could have been awkward.

I absolutely love this bed.  It is so elegant.  I love the Cowtan & Tout fabric on the headboard.  Gorgeous! 

It's hard to tell in the next picture, but the linens are monogrammed in a pale lavender and the headboard is a pretty pale gray.  So tranquil. 

Even fancy people need practical storage options.  

I love the built-ins in the next bedroom and how the shelves are styled.  

Again with genius storage 'cause that TV is u-g-l-y.

Have a lovely day! If you missed it yesterday, go visit my guest post over at Bright Bold and Beautiful where I share what I am thankful for this holiday season.


  1. I am a TV hider from way back. I do not like looking at the big ugly black box so mine resides in an armoire with the doors shut unless someone is in the room watching it. I don't have a TV in my bedroom and refuse to have one in there, but I know I am one of the few who feel that way. I love all the above images showing great ways to hide the post,

  2. So funny about those TV'S, they are really hideous looking now that I am looking at them...boy we have come a long way, haven't we? On a happy note, the beds particularly the first 3 are dreamy wonderfully delicious kind of bedrooms, like the kind I might just have a hard time prying myself out of, could be a problem:) Love the Cowtan and Tout fabric, such a classic.

  3. What a great storage idea, on wheels, in that bedroom. I'm going to have to bookmark this!


  4. Beautiful bedrooms! I especially like the one with the twin beds.
    Hope you're having a lovely evening,
    ~ Wendi~

  5. Gorgeous bedrooms- each and every one of them. I have our TV hidden in an armoire too...cuz I hate looking at it in a bedroom unless I am watching it! xo Diana

  6. i love the big white comfy beds!!! my fav!


  7. These are all very beautiful, I am drawn most to the all white fluffy bed, clean, crisp and elegant.

  8. the beds are all clean,comfy and elegant.. nice.. :D


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