Oh Heyy Guys!

It's Edward.  Bloggin' for my mama. She is kind of freaking out right now.  It may have something to do with the fact that I jumped out of my crib last night.  I mean, I don't see what the big deal is.  I'm not hurt or anything, but she's all, "you can't go back in there until it's lowered!" But see it's really hard for me to sleep in their bed with them because all I want to do is play.  Soo we're downstairs playing with my toys at 4 am.  As I type this blog post, my mom is enjoying the tunes coming from every single one of my toys that plays music.  It's awesome. I press every button that can be pressed and it's like a symphony! I can tell she loves it.

Soo she might be able to bring you a Suzeday Tuesday post later this afternoon, if I can nap in my crib.  Until then enjoy this awesome nursery.


For the record, I could totally scale this crib.


  1. Edward, I always suspected you were ahead of the bell curve but you typing your own blog post at one years of age surpasses even my expectations..right on buddy! At this rate you will be publishing your own newspaper or design mag (if your mom has her way ) by the time you are the ripe ol age of 4.
    Hope mom is recovering, as she no doubt is scouring the planet for ways to keep you in your bed at night! Be a good boy and listen to her but let her know that your creative energies need room to breath, so tell her to get going on creating that nursery above up there for you...it will be your own "baby boardroom"...lol.

  2. Oh how I remember the first time my baby was standing next to me when he was suppose to be in his crib. One time he got out and went into the closet where his toys were and fell asleep. You can only imagine a panicked young Mom looking everywhere for her toddler and the sigh of relief when I found him asleep in the closet, Whew!! It still brings up an anxious feeling inside me even after 38 years!!! Yes, my little man is now a big man with a little girl of his own. It really does happen in a flash!! Cherish your 4:00am playtime!! It will be gone before you know it, xo

  3. Love Edward!! All moms can relate!

  4. What a cute post. I remember those days. Enjoy as long as possible. It goes by so fast.

  5. My daughter climbed/fell out of her crib at 10 months -- we were FREAKING OUT -- but not ready for her to be out of the crib, so we got a crib tent!! It worked GREAT :) ~Melissa

  6. LOL This is just so funny and so true!!! You made me laugh... thank you! :-)

    Have a great day, sweetie.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  7. Edward, no more scaling cribs! It makes moms crazy and it's not worth it, trust me! Take a good nap for mom, today, too.
    xo Stacy


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