Moodboard Monday: A Blue & White Nursery

I actually think this nursery could totally work for a baby girl.  Did you know blue used to be the color associated with baby girls because it was considered more dainty and delicate than pink, a strong color associated with boys? I can see it.  My dad, the football player manly man, always wears pink.  I love when guys wear pink. My husband wore pink pants to our rehearsal dinner, which made me infinitely happy.  Anyway, I digress.  I would love to have this nursery.  Beautiful white molding, blue and white diamond pattern Stark Carpet and monogrammed Leontine Linens (if you have room, I highly recommend putting a bed in the nursery, even if it's just a twin).  I know, usually people with newborns can't afford this kind of nursery (ok, usually people can't afford this kind of nursery), but a sleep deprived mama of a runny-nosed little man can dream, right?  Nurseries are the most fun to decorate!



  1. Oh- I am all about the nursery this week. Pop over to my blog and see why! xo Diana

  2. You are making me either A.want another baby so I can have this nursery or B. wanting me to regress and be a baby so I can live in this nursery. And you know what, with my crazy day, being a baby right now sounds really good.....having a sweet crib (as in room not bed) to hang out in all day, sleep and eat when I want, people waiting on me hand and foot...yea that sounds really good.
    Love the room......

  3. Beautiful! You know I can't let this one go without mentioning Hadley's baby birth plates, which would be a perfect addition to a blue and white nursery.

    Hope all is well!

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