Suzeday Tuesday: Fancy in London

Morning y'all! First things first, Mom, the McRib is back.  Don't pretend you're not excited.  (The Suze may have great taste, but the lady loves her McRib.  I have never tried one because I'm afraid I'll love it)

Ok, now for today's bit of loveliness.  Like most of The Suze's inspiration, this one comes to us from an old issue of Southern Accents.  Actually, I'm not 100% sure of that, but I'm guessing by the font and the layout that this is the case.

Soo imagine you're real fancy and you find out you have to move to London for a year with your entire family.  What do you do? You hire some fab designers to gussy up a traditional six-bedroom London home, duh.  In this case, this Dallas family chose Dallas designer Cathy Kincaid (whom I have always admired) and Sarah Morris, who at the time worked for Colefax & Fowler.

While reading the article I loved how the family showed up to a finished home complete with a fir wreath on the door and a lighted tree in the window just days before Christmas.  It's like my dream come true.

Gorgeous! I love the leaded-glass windows in the first picture and, of course, the owner is a blue and white collector, which is undoubtedly why The Suze felt compelled to tear out the entire article.  Oh to be so fancy ...


  1. You must know my heart is beating a wee bit faster LOVE this place, yes its Southern Accents (of course) and I have some of these images in my dream house folder. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, sooo my style.
    Tell the Suze we will keep "her mcribs" crush a secret. We all have a guilty pleasure or two...(or 3 or 4 or 5, or some like me go into double digits)!
    Loving that blue and white......fabulous daaaaling! (imagine that in a British accent given the post)

  2. LOOOVE Cathy Kincaid as well, once devoted an entire post to her gorgeous work.

  3. WHAT a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGoodness this home is gorgeous. Of course I adore the blue and white since I collect it too. Every picture is awesome. Thanks for this one and go get the Suze a Mc Rib:):)!!!! XO, pinky

  4. Gorgeous home! Such lovely, traditional detailing.
    Wonderful post, Jennifer!
    ~ Wendi ~

  5. Oh how i miss Southern Accents magazine. I still have many copies of past issues saved. I don't think there is one magazine that did what SA could do. I am with the Suze!! I do love a bit of fancy!! This home is so lovely, Kathysue

  6. Suze sure has great taste! I love this home and I believe I have the entire article in my 'dream' file...must go through that file and re-read about this family.
    Love the blue and white and creamware wine coasters.

  7. What a beautiful the blue and white details.

  8. Simply gorgeous... salivating over the antique lamp with the smocked shade in the first image. XO, Mona


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