Suzeday Tuesday: Children's Rooms and Bunk Rooms

The Suze is pregnant.  Just kidding.  I would freak out if that were true.  Much like I did when I was 13 and she told me she was prego.  I was all, "UGH, Guh-ross Mom!" But then I was happy because we got my baby sister Lulu, and she's turned out to be a pretty nice addition to our family. (Btdubs, awesome Lulu's listing tomorrow) Anyway, the fact that The Suze is finally finished having babies does not stop her from gathering inspiration for rooms for the wee ones and grandbabies.

That would have been my dream bedroom as a child.  I blurred the line between my imaginary royal status and reality.  

Love that playroom.  Especially how the children are dressed to match the room.  

Reading nooks should be a part of every house.  Even if it's just a corner or a closet.  

This last one isn't a child's room although it has a cute child in the picture.  However, The Suze though that the walls would be good inspiration for a nursery.

The End. 

Oh wait wait wait!  I forgot to share with you Edward's Bieber-inspired pic from the pumpkin patch yesterday.  

It was colder than this irresponsible mom realized and so we showed up a tad underdressed for the weather.  Talk about embarrasing! Luckily, one of the nice moms in my group lent me her daughter's purple sweatshirt. It was a perfect way to celebrate this ...

I've listened to it like 12 times already. Yes, the first song on my 2012 Awesome Christmas Playlist, which I will share with you the day after Halloween when it's officially appropriate to listen to Christmas music in public - yes, I'm one of those.

I can't wait!

Bieber hearts everyone!


  1. Love all of the inspiration!! I am like the Suze, I still love childrens rooms. They are my fav rooms to decorate. Even though I don't have little ones anymore I do have a playroom in my home for my grandkids and they love having their very own room. you can see it here....

    My favorite part was being able to repurpose my oldest sons captains bed that my hubby made into a reading nook platform in the closet. They love sleeping and reading in there, it is a fun hideaway. So tell The Suze to do a fun playroom for the grands!!! Nothing like having their own room.Kathysue

  2. your son is adorable...and i love me some bieber!!!

  3. I am LOVIN the Suze! (And I think she may be MY age too)LOL! These pics are awesome and the CARRIAGE in the room is.....WOW! My hubby made my daughter a bed on thick stilt like legs so she could have a play/reading area below her bed. She loved it for so many years! Then we passes it on to a cousin! XO, Pinky

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  5. Love how her ideas are like the gift that keep giving, but on a serious mean you are not royalty? Its all make believe? :) Takes one to know one, don't worry I am not I DO love kids rooms too, not sure what it is, but I really had fun when my kiddos were little and allowed me to do whatever my heart pleased, now I am compelled to deal with staring at half naked pictures of people like Mila Kunis and Megan Fox.....not the "decor" I had in mind, but ugh....we are talking a 16 year old here.
    Tell Edward he is way cuter than 'the beibs" hair and all.

  6. you crack me up! i love your kids rooms inspiration and more bunk beds which for some reason i'm obsessed with! p.s. thanks for the nursery advice - makes me feel justified in my decisions so far :)


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