Somebody in Kansas Loves Blue & White

I love the traditional backdrop for blue & white in this Mission Hills colonial-style home in the month's Kansas City Spaces.  

How gorgeous is this entry?

I always love to see the interiors of local homes, especially when they reflect my style.  If it were up to me, every issue would include a home with lots of blue and white.  Maybe I should send in my resume and offer to cover the blue and white beat.  Then I could go door-to-door and grill people on their blue and white usage while making mental notes of whom I want to be friends with later.  

When I was in law school and I needed a break, I would drive around the beautiful Mission Hills, KS neighborhood and creepster stalk houses that I liked, driving by slowly to get a glimpse of the interiors in the windows.  This one may have prompted me to knock on the door and ask for a tour and a cup of coffee.  


  1. I agree you need to do all the writing on blue and white!! It is one of my fav color combinations. Always classic forever beautiful, Happy Monday,

  2. I loved this house. I wish all of my shelter magazines featured houses similar to this. Very pretty and very liveable.

  3. If you do all the coverage on the blue and white, I promise I will be a life long fan:) You cover that part of the country and I will cover the northeast, deal? Better yet, lets come up with our own publication...entitled what else" blue and white"!! Beautiful...

  4. Blue and white very nicely used in these spaces!

  5. I am a blue and white anything fan. I will always have a little blue in my home somewhere.

  6. I have a very large collection of blue and white jars, plates, bowls etc. So, PLEASE include me in your search, you are welcome to come here ANYTIME!!!!! Love this house, and how they ahve used the blue and white! Yes, the entrance is stunning! XO, Pinky

  7. I have to say I don't own much blue and white but seeing it a lot lately has me rethinking it and maybe I should be adding more, it is so pretty.


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