Suzeday Tuesday: Kitchens, Butlah's Pantries and Storage

Morning Y'all! It's been one of those mornings if you will.  Edward's all, "I'm one now Mom, I don't need to sleep and you can't make me" and I'm all "GO TO SLEEEEEEP" (like when Bethenny yelled at Kelly Bensimon on Season 3 of Real Housewives of New York).

Ok, first things first, I've only heard from a small portion of y'all (that would be one) who won the Hadley Pottery giveaway.  Click HERE to see if you won & then if I haven't contacted you, email me so I can tell you how to claim your prize!

And now for some Suzeday Files! For those of you who are new to my blog, The Suze is my mama who has been collecting magazine images for about 20 years.  They are all in boxes and folders and drawers and under her bed and thus I am attempting to sort of organize them by sharing them with y'all!

So here are some pretty blue and white kitchens, a couplah Butlah's pantries, and some kitchen storage inspiration for you.

First, zee kitchens ...

Traditional Home 2005 

I'm going to guess it was the blue & white that warranted this tear-out and not the hanging dried flowers. 

Mr. Belvedere's Office 

And, finally, wouldn't it be nice to have a special place for everything ... 

She likes the floor, y'all. 

And just to reiterate how I feel this morning: 

Have a lovely day! 


  1. I love, love, love the first kitchen and dining room. I also love the next to last picture with the panel over the dishwasher and the corbels on the kitchen mantel. They are beautiful.

  2. Love this glad The Suze is back and better than ever! Gorgeous inspiring kitchens and butlahs pantrys, haha. All with beautiful attention to detail...ugh, excuse me but are those roll out cabinets on the bottom with the copper pots dare I say LIT FROM WITHIN? Holy moly...dare I tell me husband that in addition to all the other things on my wish Iist, that now I also need and have to have lit from within pot drawers? Love it! Tell the Suze to keep it coming and I bet my copper pots you and Edward are a heck of a lot cuter and more charming than Bethany and Kelly!

  3. I assume you know about the other "Go to sleep" book circulating for grown-ups?

    As I write this, I can see my twins hanging onto the bars of the gates to their room and my room -- I had to separate them for nap, and it's still not working!

    I love that kitchen your mom designated for the lakehouse.

  4. So wonderful! welcome back to the suze!

  5. Its so funny how those pictures look like they were taken today. Love the blue and white.

  6. OMGoodness, these kitchens are all so gorgeous! I COVET the "butlah's pantries"!!!! I have SO many sets of dishes (love to do tablescapes) that I NEEEEEEEED a butlah's pantry!!!!!!!!!!!! That would require a new home which I also NEEEEEEDD!!!! LOL! XO, Pinky


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