Social Graces

Morning y'all! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  I spent a lot of my weekend transferring all of my bookmarked blog posts and such to my Pinterest.  If you follow me,  I'm sure you were like, "geez lady, don't you have a child?" But, seriously,

Anyway, I started a new pinboard for all of the pretty paper products I come across.  I'm in the market for some new stationery so I thought I'd share some of my faves with y'all.  You'll notice I have a slight obsession with elephants.  I love them.  If I could have a pet elephant, I would.  I'm fascinated by them.

I love Bernard Maisner's elegant hand-painted engraved stationery.  My best friend used the elephant as the invitation for her bridesmaid's luncheon and then gave us custom paperweights as a bridesmaid's gift.

Dempsey and Carroll personalized engraved stationery  

Gadabout custom notecards

Mr. Boddington's Studio

Smythson of Bond Street
Sugar Paper custom letterpress

Which one's your favorite?

**update: Um, yeah, I totally misspelled stationery throughout the entire post.  I do know the difference, I swear! But, seriously, if y'all see misspellings in my posts, please let me know.  I'm sleep deprived and sometimes my brain to fingers synapses misfire.  I've notice I've been typing their in place of there a lot lately.  Why? Who knows, but if you see it, tell me so I can fix it.  Ugh ...


  1. Love your blog and especially this one about all of the beautiful selections of stationery. But ya gotta learn how to spell the word correctly! Stationery is spelled with an "e": STATIONERY. A good way to remember is that stationery usually comes with envelopes. Station"e"ry = "e"nvelopes

    I'm an English teacher and sometimes just can't help myself. Sorry!

  2. Katharine - I'm totally using that to remember -thanks!

  3. Wow so many the butterflies, the elephants, always a sucker for gorgeous letterpress like the bottom one, they are ALL beautiful, can't choose just one but like you I am a stationary fanatic, own more than I will ever be able to use...and the girl I go to for it who has superb taste loves my love for it and is always calling me with whats new and exciting when she gets something in. If I had a baby, threw a party, got married for every time I have seen a card I was dying over enough to inspire me to do those things I would have like 400 kids, 100 husbands and would have had parties every night of the week!

  4. You've provided some lovely examples of personalized stationery, Jennifer. I love your post title - "Social Graces" - it evokes memories of a more genteel period in time, when the lady of the house would sit at a lovely writing desk and reply to elegantly embossed invitations for upcoming social engagements. So charming!


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