Playroom Progress

I just ordered this delicious Farrow & Ball Hague Blue to paint the armoire in the playroom.  Everyone is bloggyland seems to love it.

As does Miles Redd.

And it goes with this fabric that I want to use in the playroom.  

Edward loves patterned fabrics so I think he's going to love this.  Here is my working moodboard.  

You can see that the walls are pale blue.  They may need to change.  Any suggestions? 

This weekend we're going to look for daybeds so that whichever family member we like the least draws the short straw can have a place to sleep when everyone decides to visit.  

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend! 


  1. i kinda like this pale blue color! dark walls get a bit boring after a while, don`t they? your mood board is inspiring : )

  2. Love the mood board, the biggest winner being Edward himself:) LOVE the color for the armoire and the fabric, sooo elegant but still whimsical and fitting for a kids playroom! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  3. Oh yes! We painted our media room (pk - extra bedroom that we watch tv in)Hague Blue. It is the most delicious color .... you will wish you painted the walls that color- as you will want more of it in more places.

    Don't know how much you ordered - but you could switch and do walls Hague Blue and armoire burnt peanut red (a la Sarah Richardson)... would be awesome with your terrific print and chevron.

    (Love your blog BTW)

  4. That fabric is FABULOUS! That F&B paint is FABULOUS! When this room is done, I want to profile it on my blog! Would the palest of pale butter yellows on the wall be too crazy? ~Melissa

  5. Love the pant color. I cannot wait to see sweet Edward's new playroom!

  6. Wow! It will look fabulous! I bought a tester pot of Hague Blue for my dining room (I actually had Sherwin Williams pull the formula and do it for me). Love it but just didn't work in my room. Can't wait to use it somewhere else. If you want to go bold and daring you could do a orangey-red or yellow on the walls (since it is a playroom). Or I love the neutrals in your fabric (the dark mushroom or yellow-y beige on the elephant) too. So many great options. By the way, what software do you use for your moodboards? Love your blog!

  7. BTW - to anyone trying to match F&B paint in another line - it won't ever be quite the same. They use a lot more pigment than any other's like pudding when you pour it out.

    It's totally worth the extra price-the coverage and colors are amazing.

  8. Love it! I used the same fabric in my playroom and painted the walls BM Polo Blue.
    Covet du Jour


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