I Cannot Stop

... Eating.  Just Kidding. But not really. But really, I cannot stop looking at fashion designer Andrew Gn's Paris apartment in Elle Decor.  It's fantastic. I even read the article that goes along with it. (yeah me!) You should too!

As The Suze said, "he wins!"

Have a lovely weekend lovers!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I AM IN HEAVEN. WOW OH WOW. This is gorgeous with a capital G, well opulent and gorgeous and over the top in a good way. The use of saturated color is just unreal, the blues and greens feel like they are popping off the page. Totally exquisite, and of course we know what gives these rooms that crowning touch.....yep, that gorgeous blue and white does it every time!
    BTW I want to find my little guys 1st bday pic and show you the outfit he was wearing (not by choice) totally along the same line as what Prince Edward was donning...you will laugh.

  2. I've been gone for ten days...just catching up. Been unloading a ruck at our shop all day and am headed to the porch with a glass of wine and my Elle Decor right now. Thanks for the heads up. Hope all is well with you and you have a great weekend. Mona

  3. What amazing collections! The artwork and the furnishings are gorgeous, and of course, the beautiful blue and white.
    Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer
    ~ Wendi ~

  4. Your right, beautiful! Love the white plates on the wall. I also love the green walls. Just posted a home that also had green walls. Do you think color is making a come back?

  5. I can tell the good taste, but more and more I tend to create lighter spaces, but I guess it´s a phase, because there´s always room for classicism and rich materials.
    Thanks for sharing.


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