Feelin' the Love & Suzeday Tuesday is coming back!

Morning y'all! This is how I'm feeling this morning. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments yesterday, both here and over at The Enchanted Home!  Tina is just about the sweetest blogger out there and her readers are clearly just as wonderful.  It's all rainbows and puppies and hearts and baby laughs in blogland and I love it!

After a short hiatus, Suzeday Tuesday is making it's return starting next week.  But here's a little bit of pure genius that I found at the top of the stack.

D Home 2009 

Whaat? A champagne bucket built into the countertop?  I'm guessing when The Suze saw this she had to set down her morning mimosa to take a closer look.  Then I imagine she flew into a panic and made 25 copies just in case she loses one (she does that often).  I think in reality it may be just a sink filled with ice, but The Suze doesn't live in reality so for our purposes it is a special countertop for the bubbly.  Who am I to crush a dream? What do you think?

Anyway, I have quite a few magazine pages to sift through and organize before I can do a proper Suzeday Tuesday post.

I'm excited to see what she has in store for us! Finally, a reminder to enter my Hadley Pottery Giveaway! Below you can see the new pieces that just arrived at my doorstep.  I'm so excited! 

The Viking War Lord is pretending to happily eat his breakfast for the camera.*

*Oh heeyy Edward! Are you going to eat that? No, don't take it out of your mouth. No, don't give it to the dog.  Oh, you want your water? Here you go. No don't throw it! Oh no, no don't rub the banana in your hair. Ok, fine, you can have some Cheerios. Oh you don't want that either? How about some strawberries? Nope?

Feeding a toddler is fun.


  1. This made me laugh...and you are so welcome! Everyone loved you and could so clearly see why I enjoy having you as a "blog bud" and really enjoy your blog in general. That little war lord up there is too cute for his own good, just make sure you tell him to not aim for the gorgeous Hadley pottery when he is throwing his "weapons" aka cheerios, juice cup and such! I am so happy "The Suze" is coming back and no doubt with a vengeance! I look forward.....have a great afternoon!

  2. Excited for Suzeday Tuesdays to come back!

    I love that blogging has helped you maintain a social life... i love the enchanted home's blog!

    for those of you who don't follow jenn on twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/jhadley32

    you're missing out on gems like this one... "can you turn it up a little bit? I can't hear over my chewing" #thesuze

  3. I think mimosas are one of the finest beverages known to civilized man or woman! Delish and heart-warming. But you're right. That is one skinny sink! Must be for icing bottles! Genius. I'm new on the scene, but who's the Suze?

  4. I cannot wait to see The Suze on Saturday!! Barbara, The Suze is Jennifer's mother. She is a hoot.
    I'm going along with the theory it's a built-in champagne bucket. What a happy house!


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