Enjoy the Green

Headed to the park today and then Edward is spending the day with his Great Grandmother!  How pretty are these prints by Montreal-based photographer Irene Suchocki.  They can be found on Etsy here and here. I have been obsessed with landscapes lately, mostly of the oil painting variety, but these photographs could easily find a place in my home.  I love having botanical prints and landscapes in my home because I'm a horrible plant mom and thus rarely have plants and flowers in the house for very long.  Seriously, I'm the worst.  I just don't have a feel for keeping plants alive.  It's bizarre because I come from a family of gardeners and I'm always accused of being a mother hen so you'd think I'd be a great plant nurturer.  But nope. They all die. It's depressing.

Uh, ok on that note, I'm heading to the park to enjoy the last moments of green before fall.  Have a lovely day y'all!


  1. Enjoy the park if you are having anything near the kind of beautiful weather we are..you are in for a real treat! I think becoming an avid and successful gardener is within reach for anyone and it has to be a labor of love..best to start with something very resilient which just won't die (good for your ego to make you feel like you have the uber green thumb) then move on to other more "challenging plants", I have gotten a little braver and trust me I did not start off that way...about the only thing I could keep alive was a hideous looking little cactus, HATE them but you have to start with baby steps to take giant leaps.......good luck and enjoy your day. Those prints are beyond beautiful...am a big fan of botanicals and anything nature.

  2. Such gorgeous images. Hope you enjoy the park with the beautiful weather, and I too have a black thumb...either over water or under water...ugh!!

  3. I want the first print on my living room wall!


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