Blue & White Kismet

Morning Y'all! When I saw this on the back page of this months Veranda, my blue and white endorphins kicked into gear making me very happy and therefore motivated to read the text (rare for me when it comes to looking at magazines).

Blue & White Bliss all around! 
I will take a couple of those blue and white antique chargers ...

This blue and white Madeline Weinrib chair that I've had my eye on forever ... 

That "ikat tape" by Travers for Zimmer + Rohde ...

And if anyone wants to throw in this gorgeous jewelry, I wouldn't protest ... 

This bracelet would look so gorgeous in the summer with my tan skin. 

Ugh ... I wish I wasn't soo high maintenance. Anyway, I love stories of fate and coincidences that are all too perfect.  For instance, I've always had a love for the number 32.  I don't know why, it was probably something I decided in middle school when I was forming my identity.  You know, like, "pink is my signature color" or trying to make "fetch" happen sort of thing, but for number nerds.  Anyway, one day a couple of years ago, I'm standing in the parking garage with my bestie, Lindsay, and I see a guy drive buy and I say, "I feel like I know that guy.  I'm probably going to end up dating him or something." One week later, I'm checking out his car as he's driving through the parking garage and I notice the license plate is simply the number "32." Weeeird! Four years later, I married that guy! I know, right?

So I'm reading the short little blurb by Lisa Newsom and she writes that famed Atlanta architect Philip Trammell Shutze helped foster her love of blue and white.  Philip Shutze.  I know him! You may know him as the architect of The Swan House in Atlanta.

The Swan House
But I know him as the architect of the Sea Island home we've stayed in for the last 10 years.  

We know it as Barnes by the Sea, but I have since learned it was originally named Southwind.  You can read all about the history of this house here.  I've noted before that I have so many wonderful memories in this house.  When the owner passed away and it came under new ownership, we could no longer rent it.  Sadsville, USA. It's now being renovated and I'm told the new owners want to stay true to the architectural integrity of the home.  I'm so excited to see what they do!

So this is my lame attempt to make another prediction and thus seal my fate based on my love of blue & white.  I love blue and white.  Philip Shutze loves blue and white.  I love Barnes by the Sea.  Philip Shutze designed Barnes by the Sea.  Therefore, it is meant to come back to me someday so I can properly deck it out in blue and white. I know, it's a stretch, but a girl can dream.  If you're still reading this and you hate me now, I don't blame you.  I will offer you this baby elephant as a thank you for sticking with me through this post.  I just had to get it out there to marinate in the Universe and then come true.

Hi baby elephant. I love you! 

Please come back.  Please! I promise tomorrow a post with pictures and no words.  Ok maybe a few words.  I'm a talker y'all.  Ok, I have to go now before I annoy myself.  Well, I've already annoyed myself so I just really need to go. Ok bye bye.

P.S. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on Edward's birthday party! Ok, for realz, bye. 


  1. You are a riot...thanks for my much needed laugh of the day. I have a thing with certain numbers too, 2 4 and 8 specifically or anything with them in it, when I get gas have to stop on an even number, weird and just a tad OCD I know. Oh well......on to your home thats meant to be, I think its in the cards, just give it time and somehow someway it will likely find its way to you just as the mystery driver of the "32" license plated car found his way into your heart!
    Now that I just got home and am getting relaxed, you are making me feel compelled to drive ALL the way to Barnes to pick up Veranda!!!!!!! Shame on you for making me go out in this rain but when there is blue and white calling I go running.......and off I go:)

  2. Keep writing! It makes me smile.... and I loved this last story. I also beleive in fate. Things happen for a reason. We should all dream!


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